FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings [Not all devices listed work with the 2020 Platform]

I am just setting up smartthings and I like exactly this kind of buttons from Busch-Jaeger and would like to get it work. Do anyone have a working handler for this?

Please do not ask questions about individual devices in this FAQ thread as it makes the FAQ very difficult for other people to use.

Instead, ask in the existing discussion threads about that device. In this case:

How to connect Busch-Jaeger ZLL battery switches to hub? (DTH in post 9)

Or you could start a new thread under devices:

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SmartThings Has added support for the 4 button Ecosmart handheld remote. This is a zigbee battery powered device available in both the US and Canada at Home Depot.

Very low price, usually under $10 for the remote and an included smart bulb. If it’s out of stock in the set with one bulb, check the set with two bulbs, it’s typically only two dollars more.

you don’t need any custom code for it. And you can control any device that works with the hub, not just zigbee devices. :sunglasses:

Please ask any further questions about it in the following device specific discussion thread:

EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

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Zooz Zen34 (zwave, battery-powered, US). Nice new rocker switch from the smartest house. Uses the newest Z wave chip, the 700 generation (“Z wave plus V2“). Can be mounted anywhere, same size as their regular light switches. Supports multiple tap patterns. Requires a custom DTH which they provide.

2021 Update

The new platform has changed the way buttons are handled, and many of the devices described above no longer work. The most common result is that only one button will work on a multi button device.

Sometimes they will still work with the official smart lighting feature, the advanced button controller smart app, or webcore, but not always.

I’ve started a new FAQ for battery powered devices that do work with the current platform. There are only a few listed there so far, but there are some for both the US and the UK and hopefully more will be added in the future.

[2021] Battery Power Switches and Buttons


Hello , would like to know if this remote is compatible with smartthings:

Tuya Smart Zigbee Remote Control

I am using the “Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Key Fob” but the battery drains quickly in a matter of weeks.