FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings [Not all devices listed work with the 2020 Platform]

(UK, US) Nodon Octan Remote. Zwave battery-operated multi-button wallmount or table top button controller. Tap, hold and double tap on 4 buttons. ( also sends the hold release indication, which could be used with core.)

UK frequency version:

US Frequency version:

Nodon also has a 2" square “soft remote” meant as a handheld with 4 buttons. It comes in about a dozen different colors, including pink and blue.

UK frequency:

US frequency:

Device Type Handler by @Richard_Woodward in the following thread:

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(UK) Swiid Inter Cord Switch. Zwave. Requires splicing into the cord. Designed for control of table lamps.


Not available in the US. :disappointed_relieved:

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Now that is pretty cool. Although it requires splicing a cable, it really gets to the heart of what many situations still need - turn the lamp on at the lamp itself rather than with motion or an app.

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I have these fitted in 3 applications.
As has been said, they are z-wave and integrate nicely with ST.
So using the switch you can just turn them on and off as required or use rules to do the job for you.
Great little device.

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Hello all,
I’m slowly getting my smart home up and working. Installed a SmartThings Hub, Replaced a couple switches and outlets with Zwave compatible ones and added a door and motion sensors. My problem is that my family isn’t nearly as excited by the technology as I am. They don’t want to fish their smartphone out of their pockets every time they want to turn a lamp on. I love the Swiid cord switch above, but it’s not available in the US yet. In the meantime I was thinking of making one of my smart switches do double duty; act as a current switch to control the overhead light and as a button for the lamps in the room. Reading this thread it looks like the Leviton VRCS4 would work for my needs…but the price is a bit steep. Are there other solutions that offer a switch to control the current and a button or two I can use for the lamps.

(US and U.K.) Xiaomi Mi Magic Cube. Very small, inexpensive zigbee device that works the same way as the mood cube, but comes pre-built and is very inexpensive. Some community members have it working fine, some say they can’t get it working which may mean a defective product. So far gearbest and bang good are carrying it. Some people report getting a pink one instead of a white one.

Ask any follow on questions in the following thread, those are the people actually using it:

There is also an advanced DTH which captures more of the information from the cube and allows it to be used in mood cube type applications and can distinguish the slide motion.

Again, ask any follow-on questions in that thread.

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In regards to the Nodon Octan Remote – You mentioned UK and US the UK for this product. The UK version works at a different frequency than US Z-wave, which means I am a bit disappointed. I guess the US distribution will come soon. Hopefully nobody in the US tried to order the UK version. I expect they would be even more disappointed once it arrives.

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Yes, that’s true of all zwave devices. Nodon just announced at CES 2017 that they will soon begin distribution of a US frequency version.

I did check before updating the region, and it has been separately certified on the US frequency, so I do think one is coming:


But I don’t know which vendors will be carrying it.

(US and U.K.) Aeotec wallmote. Zwave. 4 button wallmount device, multiple touch patterns.

US frequency Version is available from a number of retailers, including Amazon:


Now available from Vesternet on the UK frequency.

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(US) Nexia 1000. Zwave. 5 digital tiles. This is a battery powered wall mount controller. @Darwin has a good review as well as a device type handler for it:

Typically costs around $55.

I use this button from lowes. Works great for my bedtime routine and a long press for other switches ie turn on bedroom light

The Iris button came in around post 26… careful with it! Fragile little buggers. Mine ended up in the trash. Never did work great, but trying to change the battery was the death of it.

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I ended up throwing one a way too b/c it fell off a table and the battery “drawer” wouldn’t stay in after that. I assume some plastic piece broke off. Thankfully they are only $10 at a couple of the Lowes by me.

Ya it was cheap and worked. We’ll see about the longevity. I keep it on a wall and never move it much. I like the size though. Looking for a central button style remote for guest to push for easy functions so they don’t need a tablet or phone interface.

I hear ya. I do wish mine lasted longer, because the form factor of the button is perfect for so many needs!

Anyone know of a single zwave button that is available in the US market?

I have been using the IRIS SmartButton (zigbee), but having a problem with it not staying connected to the hub. I’m using it currently to trigger a zwave wall plugin switch that has a lamp connected to it.

Half the time the smart button requires you to push it multiple times, which then seems to queue up the presses once it wakes up and the light goes crazy for a couple seconds… Other times, it will do nothing. I have had to re-pair it when this happens.

I feel like zwave is more stable in my house… being that I have plenty of repeaters in place.

Posts 46 and 51 above, although the reviews on 51 haven’t been great.

Posts 86 and 87 below are single zigbee buttons which might also be worth considering unless you need something with direct association.

thanks for the links… That fibaro button has a pretty nice video on their website, but I also saw some of the bad reviews on it. They are proud of their product @$50 a pop.

Here’s one for the list…not quite available to test yet…but as it’s it’s Z-Wave certified I assume it would work fine. It’s another expensive remote though!

Available for pre-order at Vesternet

I can confirm the xiaomi button works really well for now using the DTH below. I got them for under £5 each and the build quality is quite good.

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