FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings [Not all devices listed work with the 2020 Platform]

In the case of xiaomi devices, the problem is the devices. Plenty of threads discussing why that is, and what people have done to try to get them working with their ST hub (successfully for some, not so much for others).

But the bottom line is, they are not devices that are confirmed to work with ST, so please take any follow-up questions to those threads, rather than this one.

Edit: I also just noticed that you created a new thread to ask the same exact question. In the future, please just do that, rather than repeating the same question in another thread where it doesn’t really belong anyway.


Has anyone created a DTH for the ADT keychain security fob without using the ADT ST hub? I’d like to pair it with my Konnected system.

Like all of the dual logo ADT/smartthings devices, it is using a communications frequency which is only available with the SmartThings/ADT security panel. So you have to have that hub to use it at all.

Even if you do have that model of the hub, it appears that the key fob device can only be used as designed with the ADT panel on the security side . It is not available as a button controller for the home automation side.

You can ask any further questions about it in the following thread.


Samsung SmartThings Button (model GP-U999SJVLEAA), battery-operated, zigbee 3.0

Newly released for 2018, this $15 small button supports click, double click, and long hold. It’s also magnetic. According to community reports, it works with both the V2 and V3 hubs.

If Amazon is out of stock, try Best Buy.

No word on when/if this button or the other new SmartThings devices will be available outside of the US.

For questions and discussion, see the following thread

Feature note: When the button was first introduced, if you were using the newer mobile app, “SmartThings (Samsung Connect),” you could set up this button to change the SHM alarm state. This was the only device so far which officially provided a way for changing SHM alarm state other than the mobile app itself (although if you are using the older app you can change the SHM alarm state through a routine and have the device trigger the routine). Note, however, that neither method could change the SHM alarm state unless the SmartThings cloud is available.

However, about two months after the smart button was introduced, this feature was removed from the app. :disappointed_relieved: Support has not been able to say whether the feature will come back in future releases are not.


(US) Amazon Echo Button, indirect integration via an Echo Routine ( not a smartthings routine), must be paired with a nearby echo.

This one is interesting. Thanks to @RightHand For pointing out in another thread that as of November 10, 2018, an echo button can now trigger an echo routine. And since you can have an echo routine turn on a virtual switch in SmartThings, that means you can trigger pretty much anything SmartThings can do. Very cool, and at 2 for $20, a very good price. This is the cloud cloud integration, so not suitable for panic button, but good for almost anything else including the perennial kid’s nightstand use case. The button itself is large, about the size of a deck of cards, and brightly colored, so not as elegant as the logitech pop button. But a good option for many use cases if you already have an echo in that room.



Link died, please update us

It’s just the “compatible device list” at www.smartthings.com . It moves around occasionally, but you should always be able to find it from the front page.

Here’s the current address as of this writing:


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I don’t know if this is the case with these buttons in particular, as I don’t have any. I have found the same issue with another button (Aeon WallMote). In my case, the lights the buttons were controlling lights that were also controlled by other events just as time via ST’s Smartlights.

I wound up using webCore to code the button pushes with command optimization turned off so that the on or off command would get sent every time. My theory is that ST was losing track of the light’s status and the command wasn’t being sent to the light.

In my case, I checked the logs and was able to see each button push, even when the light wasn’t turned on or off. I’d start here. If you do not see the button pushes logged, then my solution won’t solve your issue.

(US, UK) Swann One Key Fob Remote Control SWO-KEF1PA, Zigbee ZHA 1.2

This is a nice security system keyfob intended for their own Gateway but which will also work with the SmartThings classic app with the right DTH. You can also find it quite inexpensively at times, in the under $20 range. And most of the rest of the time it will still be under $25. The manufacturer’s list price is $39.


US Listing:


UK Listing:

Discussion thread with DTH:

SwannOne Key Fob Support (updated 2019 DTH in post #51)

Some people bought this device back in 2014 or 2015 and it didn’t work with smartthings at that time so they had to return it. However, there have been a number of changes to smartthings’ zigbee implementation since then, and as of 2019, it does now work. :sunglasses:

Note, however, that this cannot be used to arm/disarm the official smart home monitor feature in the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” Version of the SmartThings mobile app.

If you want it to change smart home monitor armed states (security.mode), that will only work with the smart home manager feature in the classic app, and in order to make that happen you have to use a routine.

So if you are looking for something to activate the “security.mode“ options, be aware that this may go away in the future when the classic app is discontinued. (There has been an official statement that it will be discontinued, but not when.)

Otherwise, it should work in the Classic app like any button controller with a custom DTH. You can use it in the official smartlights feature, webcore, or other Smartapps that recognize button devices.

Please don’t ask any further questions about the differences between the two apps or the future sunsetting of the classic app in this thread, which is a device thread. If you do have questions about all of that, take them to the following thread:

"SmartThings Classic" (V2 app) vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" (V3 app)

If you have any further questions about the swann remote, take those to this thread:

SwannOne Key Fob Support (updated 2019 DTH in post #51)


(US for now, UK later in 2019?) Aeotec ZWA003 Nanomote Quad Button Remote, Zwave Plus with S2


Aeotec’s zwave plus S2 replacement for the minimote has finally started shipping in the US.

Called the nanomote quad, it has three sector buttons and a center circle favorites button. Each button recognizes short press or long press. It uses central scene commands, a good thing. Very small, 2 in. Square. At about $45, it’s expensive, but you are getting eight different scene commands from it and it’s an excellent size so there will be Quite a few people who like it, I think. :sunglasses:



It supports multiple association groups, but they are super complex and remember since this is a battery-operated device the zwave tweaker will not work with it. So I would personally stick with the central scene commands.

Here’s a DTH:

Note that because of changes between Z wave and Z wave plus, this device is not designed to be a secondary controller the way the minimote was and you will not be able to use it to create associations between two other devices or to include or exclude devices. It’s just a smart button.

Here’s a discussion thread if you have any followup questions or comments. (Please do not post in this thread, as we are trying to keep this FAQ to one post per device. )



(UK for now, US planned), Aurora AOne Smart Remote, zigbee, official Integration. Battery-operated.

Aurora Lighting is a UK With a simple ZHA lighting kit that consists of a hub, a couple of micros, the battery operated remote, and some wall switches. Some of these devices, but not all, have been officially certified as UK SmartThings compatible. That includes the battery operated remote.

The icons on the remote are a little odd, they are supposed to be on, brighter, dimmer, And a scene at 50% brightness. It’s not clear yet exactly how smartthings will perceive these, we will have to wait for some forum reports.

Here’s a discussion thread on the aurora devices. Please take any follow on questions there.

Some Aurora AOne Zigbee Devices added to official list (UK for now)

Posting for @JDRoberts

(US, UK) IKEA Tradfri “Dimmer” (hand held button), zigbee. Official integration as of June 2019.

Some people call it a “puck.” It’s a large Circular device, about the size of a pack of playing cards, which you spin to dim a light up or down.

Now that it has official support, it will send its messages to the hub and then you can then use that to trigger any other smart things controlled device. (For lights, use the official “mirror“ feature.“)

This costs just under $10 in the US, an excellent price.


TRÅDFRI Wireless dimmer - IKEA

IKEA - TRÅDFRI, Wireless dimmer, , Use the wireless dimmer to dim, turn on/off up to 10 light sources - all will behave in the same way.You can dim your lighting wirelessly and easily adapt the lighting based on activity.

@Automated_House has a very good video showing how it works. You can ask any follow-up questions in that thread:

Ikea Tradfri Wireless Driver Devices & Integrations

SmartThings added support for the round wireless dimmer last week. Here’s a YouTube video I made about it. The 5 button remote doesn’t have official support yet.

Comes in white, black, or yellow.

Note that this is not a dog-friendly button Because you have to spin it at different speeds and in different directions even for basic functions like on/off.

Also Note that as of this writing there is still no integration for the five button handheld IKEA remote. Just this one.


Here’s the link for the IKEA dimmer discussion thread:

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As of late July 2019, SmartThings Has added support for the five button IKEA handheld remote. This is a zigbee battery powered device available in both the US and the UK. All five buttons can be programmed for multiple options. Priced at around $15.99 in the US, £15 in the UK.

You have to use the new V3 app to program the device, but you don’t need any custom code for it. :sunglasses:

Note that although the product description will say it needs the IKEA Gateway, you can use the smartthings hub instead. And if you do use the smartthings hub, you can control any device that works with the hub, not just zigbee devices.




Community discussion thread:

Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button now working with SmartThings (July 2019)

And @Automated_House has posted a video of the setup and the device working in post 19 of that thread.

Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button now working with SmartThings (July 2019)


It also works with webcore, as does the 2 button remote that comes with the outlet kit.


I am just setting up smartthings and I like exactly this kind of buttons from Busch-Jaeger and would like to get it work. Do anyone have a working handler for this?

Please do not ask questions about individual devices in this FAQ thread as it makes the FAQ very difficult for other people to use.

Instead, ask in the existing discussion threads about that device. In this case:

How to connect Busch-Jaeger ZLL battery switches to hub? (DTH in post 9)

Or you could start a new thread under devices:

Thank you.

SmartThings Has added support for the 4 button Ecosmart handheld remote. This is a zigbee battery powered device available in both the US and Canada at Home Depot.

Very low price, usually under $10 for the remote and an included smart bulb. If it’s out of stock in the set with one bulb, check the set with two bulbs, it’s typically only two dollars more.

you don’t need any custom code for it. And you can control any device that works with the hub, not just zigbee devices. :sunglasses:

Please ask any further questions about it in the following device specific discussion thread:

EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

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Zooz Zen34 (zwave, battery-powered, US). Nice new rocker switch from the smartest house. Uses the newest Z wave chip, the 700 generation (“Z wave plus V2“). Can be mounted anywhere, same size as their regular light switches. Supports multiple tap patterns. Requires a custom DTH which they provide.

2021 Update

The new platform has changed the way buttons are handled, and many of the devices described above no longer work. The most common result is that only one button will work on a multi button device.

Sometimes they will still work with the official smart lighting feature, the advanced button controller smart app, or webcore, but not always.

I’ve started a new FAQ for battery powered devices that do work with the current platform. There are only a few listed there so far, but there are some for both the US and the UK and hopefully more will be added in the future.

[2021] Battery Power Switches and Buttons


Hello , would like to know if this remote is compatible with smartthings:

Tuya Smart Zigbee Remote Control

I am using the “Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Key Fob” but the battery drains quickly in a matter of weeks.