FAQ: Exact remote needed to reset Hue bulbs? (UK)

aah, so as long as you have another ZLL box, its easier to ‘reset’, or re-assign.

Edit: Just googled the method… think I will continue to avoid Hue and carry on using Wemo and other alternatives!


I just checked my Zigbee channel.
ST Hub is at channel 24
Hue bridge is at channel 20

So, what are my chances ?
Only get the Lutron ?

Btw, how do I reset the bulb when I get the Lutron ?
Should I set the Lutron to channel 24 first ? How is it done ?

IIRC, the ZLL channels are 11, 15, 20 and 25.

So if your SmartThings hub is on 24, any bulbs directly attached to it will have been switched to 24, and the normal ZLL methods like touchlink won’t work.

You’ll have to use a “Lutron connected bulb remote” (that’s a specific device with that name, not just any Lutron remote). Or the German device mentioned above.

this one right ?

when I get it , how do I set it to reset my bulbs ?


I’d like to repeat my question since I couldn’t get an answer…
Please help me with the above…

@mitchp or someone else who has done it can confirm, but as far as I know you just follow the instructions from Lutron. Here are the current ones, but it’s possible that a new model of the remote might have somewhat different instructions. But you’re just doing a factory reset of a bulb.


@JDRoberts is correct. The instructions can be found at the link he posted. Just hold the remote near the bulb (closer is better to avoid grabbing the wrong bulb) and hold the up and off buttons until the bulb resets and the remote and light stop blinking.

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Just to let everyone know, that whenever you reset your ST V2.0 hub (US Version in my case) you get a new random channel, so far I’ve been able to cycle through various channels including 14, 15, 19, 20, and 24. It’s a hassle but the channel is not hard coded into the device. This might be good news.

It could certainly be useful. That must be a new feature, it was not true of V1.


You’re right, I should specify in my post that I’m talking about Hub V2.0

UK or US version?

I’m using the US version.

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Hub V2 selects a channel on “first boot”.

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Meaning every time it’s plugged in? Or after setting it up?

Has anyone in the UK tried the Phillips dimmer switch to reset a bulb? Philips says it should work:

I’ve bought some hue white bulbs and didn’t realise they were part of a kit and they must be linked to the hue bridge as they were part of a Hue starter kit.

I don’t have a Hue bridge and just want to use my ST v2 hub in UK.

So what’s the simplest way to reset, anyone in UK for one of the above remotes to reset the Hue bulbs?

Can I buy a 2nd Hue bridge say and reset then that way, then link the Hue bulbs direct to ST hub as I don’t want to use the Hue bridge in normal operation.


Anyone help on the above please, I’ve got 2 Hue white doing nothing at the moment.

For clarity, the bulbs were bought off someone, which were part of a starter kit and presume pre paired to the hue bridge it came with.

So I need to reset them, so I can then pair direct to my ST hub v2. I’m in UK.


I have purchased a Hue Wireless Dimming Kit in the UK which contains White bulb paired with a Hue remote. I could get the remote paired to ST without any issues, but the bulb was effectively ‘orphaned’ as a standard bulb. As others have experienced, nothing would get it to be discoverable by ST.

Following the thread above, I found a cheap Philips LivingColours Remote and I paired that with the orphaned bulb simply with this video. To reset the bulb I held the On button with Scene 1 together and this reset the bulb. It was immediately discovered by ST.

My ST is on channel 19, and I can’t discover the Philips LivingColours Remote as a thing to connect to my ST, so I’m assuming it’s a channel incompatability issue there. That’s a pity, as you can never have too many remotes!

@denseflux I’m not bothered on using the Philips remote with ST just want to get my Hue white bulbs working.

Is it this remote, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111746139242

So am I right in thinking, as these Hue white bulbs are paired with a Hue bridge, I can reset then with remote, then pair the bulb direct to ST?


That’s the question that nobody has answered. (That I’ve seen anyway).
It does work for the hue colour bulb as I purchased one to reset my hue bulb. It worked as described above.
So, if anybody reading this knows how to reset a phillips white bulb (without using a phillips bridge) then your input would be gratefully received by an awful lot of people.