FAQ: Door sensors? (2021)

Ok, Different things work for different people. Are you looking for very cheap Sensors? Do you care whether it’s Z wave or zigbee or something else? Do you care what they look like? there are a lot of different choices and probably a dozen existing threads in the forum about contact sensors.

Why don’t you start with the device class features FAQ and read the posts on contact sensors so you get an idea what the different kinds of features and shapes might be:

Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ) - #15 by JDRoberts

If you’re looking to buy in bulk:

Recommendation for contact sensors, in bulk?

Or if you just want very inexpensive Sensors:

Needing cheap contact sensor? (2020)

And this one was from somebody who was specifically looking for small size sensors:

2019 Door/Window Sensors with Good Battery Life?

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