FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor?

At this point (September 2016) we should also mention that there are several video doorbell’s and some cameras that have their own motion sensors and can be integrated with SmartThings. Quite often these motion sensors work better outdoors than any that connect to SmartThings directly. ( One reason, to be honest, is that these tend to be more expensive devices and they can put more intelligence into the motion sensors to help filter out some of the false alarms.)

Some of these are only warranteed for indoor use, but depending on your weather may work in a sheltered location outdoors.

Current official integrations include Arlo cameras and the skybell video doorbell.



There also IFTTT integrations with Ring and several cameras, including blink and homeboy. Look in the “security and monitoring” channel section, not “photographs and videos” (which are for services, not devices).

And one of the community developers has a blink manufacturer approved integration with many features. You will have to pay a license fee for that one.

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@Alwas can you tell me what sort of Fibaro relay you used? Thanks.

Sure, it was this one, Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW


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Thanks for the swift response. Bit more help if you can…?

The use case here is to use a 240V PIR motion sensor as an input to ST. I don’t want to control any lights directly using the relay due to location and the probability that I will use Smart bulbs (turned on/off by ST).

So… if I wired up the relay as follows:

And replaced the switch with the output from the PIR (between S1 and I) that would then result in ST see the relay turning on and off. Correct? In my case there would be no load I’d just have a PIR.


I think someone more intelligent than me should chime in here, as I can’t remember exactly what I did, in layman’s terms I placed the Fibaro between the light and the motion sensor, so when motion triggers it sends power to the light, via the Fibaro, so I get notified, and the Fibaro can also turn the light off, or on, if needed. You need the wiring diagram of the motion sensor as a starting point. Sorry I’m not more useful.

Okay, think I have it. Here’s the response:

So to answer the original question. If you want to use a mains powered PIR to trigger ST then you can use a Fibaro Relay (the FGS-212 replaced the FGS-211).

In my case I’ll be using it without any load (my lights will be Hue bulbs in a different location). I’ll be using the motion detector to trigger the relay and then use ST to turn lights on/off/up/down.

the fact that this will be located high, won’t require batteries, needs along range (12m) drives the requirement.

Thanks for the pointer @Alwas


I have an existing Hard Wired always on Motion sensing outdoor flood light. It comes on at dusk and off at dawn. I also have GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1 currently not in use. Could I combined these 2 items to get motion alerts in Smartthings?

Nope, the fixture module is an actuator (output device), it has no means of taking an input voltage level and sending that to smart things like sensors do…

Thanks. What about a Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWUS - Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller? I have one of those floating around as well.

You can definitely use the Aeon labs micro. I went the cheaper way and use a Monoprice in-wall controller instead.

Thanks Any tips on wiring?

thig Motion Sensor in my light has Red, Neutral andLive wires coming out. Red go the lights, neutral is all tied together to lights and the main’s neutral. Live from the Motion Sensor goes to Main’s live.

the controller has mains in, load out and ports for a wall switch

It’s depend on how you want the light to react when there is motion. I just want motion so I connect neutral, line and use the red wire connecting to the light as my trigger ( wall switch connection ).
You could also go one step further and cut the red wire.
Connect the red wire from the motion sensor to the switch of the Aeon micro and connect the red wire on the light to the load of the Aeon micro. This way you can control the light as well.


if I wanted to control the light as well.

I take the Mains Neutrals and Live to the Mains Live and Neutral in on the controller.

I take the Live from the sensor to Load Live on controller? or to one of the switch inputs on the controller.

Neutral from the sensor is tied into with the light neutrals and into the Neutral out on the Controller.

Red wire from the sensor goes to one port of switch on the controller?

Live wire from the lights go to the load Live on the controller?

think i’m a little confused

[quote=“Byron_Poland, post:70, topic:1513”]
I take the Mains Neutrals and Live to the Mains Live and Neutral in on the controller. [/quote]
That’s correct. Neutral and Line (live) into AC Power N and L

There are 3 wires going into the sensor. White = neutral, black = line hot (live) and red = load from sensor. Red wire 120Vac when motion is active. That’s why we this this for our switch.
Connect white to neutral bundle.
Black to main line hot ( live) bundle.
Remove the red wire of the sensor from the red bundle and connect this wire to the Aeon wall switch terminal. The terminal farthest to the right. DO NOT connect this to the 3V terminal.
Connect the 2 red wires from the lights to the L load terminal of the Aeon micro.

You meant to say “connect neutral into AC Power N on the Aeon controller”? Then yes that’s correct.
Ignore the Load N terminal on the Aeon controller. We are not using it since the lights already connected to neutral.
Does that make any sense or am I still confusing you? Here is a typical wiring inside a motion light fixture.

thank you!

I put this crude drawing together… for the red into the wall switch from the sensor, is this the port closest to the 3v or furthest? is this mostly correct?

Thank you. hopefully this helps others who come across this too!

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Ha so this isn’t working too well. When motion is detected my light just starts turning on and off.

thinking I may want too de-couple the motion from the light. get the motion reported back to ST, and also be able to control power via ST. Can I do that with the Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWUS I have? feel like I would need 2, one to report the motion status, and one to control power.

You should change the delay switch to 5 mins on your sensor. This will prevent the problem.
You will need 2 Aeon micro controllers for one reporting and one control.

Thanks. I had the sensor on 10 minute delay so not sure what is up.

I pulled the Red coming from the sensor and just capped it for now. However now the controller isn’t responding. I tested it once before closing things up and it worked, closed things up and it didn’t work. wondering if it’s a bad signal, or something, but it seemed to work earlier.

I’ve ordered a dual switch relay, I think it is the same as the monoprice one which isn’t currently available. This should let me separate motion updates and light control. I did another crude drawing on how this would wire up. do you see any issues?

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