FAQ: Creating a virtual Groovy Device [OBSOLETE]

For that, ask in the Alexa helper topic. They should be able to help.

There is so much documentation out there that I am entirely confused. Is there a simple step by step on this? I am overwhelmed. I THINK i set up a switch, I THINK I set up Echo helper. Later I read somethign about need to cut/paste code for a “helper”… I dunno. There are apparently new versions of this or that — so I don’t know which instructions are the right ones. I really am just frustrated.

I just want to be able to have Echo run the “Good Night!” Routine by voice command.

Hell, I’ll pay someone to walk me through this.


If the Alexa helper thread seems too complicated to you ( that’s a smart app that has definitely become more and more complicated over time, and I understand it can get confusing), try this simpler one. It is literally a step-by-step FAQ for what you were asking. I have updated it today, so if you looked at it earlier, look at it again and I think it will help. :sunglasses:

( This is a clickable link)

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Hi, tried creating a virtual switch but when I click on the location or hub drop down , it’s empty and this doesn’t allow the switch to be created. Do you have any idea why this happens

Most likely you signed into the wrong shard for your account.

Overtime, as SmartThings has added many more customers, they have added additional “shards.” ( you can think of these as database servers.)

You wouldn’t think that SmartThings would let you sign into one that’s not associated with your account, but it does, and if you do then you won’t see any of your devices or smart apps.

There are still many posts in the forums back from the time when there was only one shard and so the direct link may not work for you.

See the following FAQ to figure out which link you should be using and then try that.

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I created a virtual switch called “Rehersal Studio”. It powers up the bass amps and PA and floor monitors in one shot, and powers them down again (two separate routines). So now with Alexa, I say “turn on Rehearsal Studio” and the virtual switch fires and powers everything up - and of course, “turn off Rehearsal Studio” turns them all off.

You have to be careful about your naming. I tried “music studio”, but Alexa thought I was asking her to play some music! lol In any event, it’s gonna be massively cool when the band comes over and I do this the first time :grin:


What is “IDE”?

“Integrated Development Environment.”

it’s the website where you can sign into your SmartThings account and view your devices and device type handlers.

Click on “community” at the top right of this page to return to the first page of the forum.

Then click on “developer tools” at the top right of that page.

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Why is this so complex? Why isn’t a virtual switch just listed in the Things list???

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You’d have to ask SmartThings that. A number of us have suggested that for a couple of years. Because virtual switches are so helpful for many different things, it would be great if SmartThings made it easy to add them. But they don’t. :disappointed_relieved:

SmartThings is very powerful and very flexible. There are usually two or three different ways to accomplish just about anything. What it isn’t is discoverable or intuitive.

Fortunately, the community is very helpful and always glad to help. But almost all of us are just other SmartThings customers-- we don’t have any inside knowledge on their design philosophy decisions.

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I’m not a developer. I just want to be able to set a scene in a routine using the app. I’m not sure how I found my way into a developer conversation. There doesnt seem to be a simple way to set a lighting scene.

I agree with you absolutely. What SmartThings offers is power, not simplicity.

Since we’re getting pretty far off topic for this thread, I suggest we take follow ups to the following:

OK I guess I missed it but where do I find a Virtual Momentary Switch in the IDE. I see Button, Garage Door, Switch but not momentary?

“Momentary button tile” under M.

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Yes, as usual I looked under simulated switches, not where it was. Thanks.

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Just getting into simulated devices. I’ve created a simulated button, but now how do I press/activate that button from the iOS app? Or do I have my thinking wrong and you can’t ‘press’ anything on iOS to simulate the button press?

It will show up in your things list, and you just press it there like any other on/off switch.

Yup, got that. I created a piston to dim a light when pressed, but the button appears to be grayed out and when pressed, nothing happened/(s).

In that case, post your question and a screenshot of your piston in the core peer Assistance thread and someone will be able to help you there. You can just add your question to the end of that thread.

Can anyone instruct me on how to sync values from a physical multi attribute device to a virtual device.

  1. iris smart Button, has temperature sensor. I want a virtual device standalone from the Button that is simply a virtual temp sensor

  2. gocontrol window/door sensor. A community DTH allows for use of internal and external contact. And as well, assignable attributes to the contact (i.e. Fire, motion, garage door, etc) to trigger the open/close with a hardware hack.
    I simply want to sync a virtual device to the secondary contact (that only shows status on device tile page) to a virtual door/window contact.