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FAQ: Creating a virtual Device


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No problem. … I think we’re drifting off the main Topic here, though; maybe… well…

The use of Virtual Momentary Buttons and having them link one-way to the Commands of a custom DTH (like the Samsung TV) is relatively basic. I’m surprised there is no template SmartApp for this. If you’re not in a rush, I could try to pull up a template from someone deep in my files.

Use of WebCoRE for one-way linking like this may be excessive. It may or may not be more or less complicated than a custom SmartApp. Personally, I’d use a Custom SmartApp.


Hey I am trying to create a virtual sensor, followed all the steps on the faq, but when I hit create I get a message that I’m not authorized. Any ideas?


Use an Incognito window if using Chrome. Never really found out what the deal was but that was the recommendation from a while back.


That did it, thanks! Hopefully I’ll remember this next time …


I have a question. I have set up a virtual contact switch as type simulated contact sensor in ST. This switch also show up in the alexa ap. I have created a test routine in alexa that should ring when this switch closes. I can see that the switch’s state in alexa app changes when I push it in the ST app. They seem to sync very well. My problem is that Al

exa does not trigger the routine eventhoug the virtual switch changes. Any suggestions?


A number of people ran into this issue when setting up a virtual sensor. They found that they needed to sign out from the Amazon app and sign in again, or disable/re-enable the SmartThings skill, or in a few cases to remove the Alexa app and re-add it.

See the following thread ( this is a clickable link)


Thanks. That solved it, but it seems I have to do this everytime I add a virtual device.