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FAQ: Create a Virtual Timer (turn light off after X Minutes) (SmartThings Classic)



There is a now a page in the community – created wiki for how to create a virtual timer using Smart Lighting. :sunglasses:

(Darrin) #2

i tried this but don’t see the Power Allowance feature. what screen is this located?


Which version of the app do you have?

(Darrin) #4

i think it’s the latest. in About, it shows version 2.16.1 build # 219306.


The key is which logo does it have, the single Circle, which is the “classic“ or the 6 tiny circles, which is the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” version ( abbreviated STSC in the forum).

This FAQ is only for the classic version (as stated in the thread title). The STSC Version uses a completely different rules engine, so this method does not apply.


(Darrin) #6

the desktop icon in android, has a single white circle with a blue circle around it.


I don’t have an android device, but I believe it’s the same as the iOS. Just follow the instructions in the how to article in the community – created wiki.

Remember ( as the wiki article points out) that you have to select “turn off“ not “turn on“ for what you want to do. Then when you get to the trigger selection screen, one of the options should be “power allowance exceeded.“

(Darrin) #8

the selecting turn OFF part was what i missed. now the Power Allowance option shows up. thanks for the quick replies.