FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers


Can you show a screenshot?

Where are these checkboxes to allow local control?

Thanks in advance!

Click on - My Locations
Click on - {your location name, on the left}
Click on - List SmartApps (all of the way at the bottom)
Now you will be looking at “Installed SmartApps” and it is broken into 3 categories (at least in my case). Hello Home, Solutions, and Other.
Under Other, you will see Smart Lighting.
Click on Smart Lighting and you will see a check box that says, “Enable local child app discovery”. I checked it here under Smart Lighting, and I checked that same box under every single smart lighting automation below it and that’s when these showed up under local processing.

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Got it. See where they are.

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Can someone from SmartThings explain exactly what this options means?

I included a screenshot of the help text for it.

what does it mean when it is not checked?

Mine are not checked and things are running local.

Are there any negatives to leaving this always checked?

It would be nice to understand. All I can say is my smart lighting wasn’t there as local until I checked it on smart lighting and all items under it. Only then did they show up.

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Based on my recent experience trying to get more local apps running is if you create a SL app that meets all the criteria for local processing then the app is created with the check mark.
If the app is created with violations to the local rules (i.e. custom DTH or unsupported device) then the app is created without a check mark and it’s not on local app list. Now if you fixed the violation, the app doesn’t automatically become local until you check the box.
checking the box on apps that violate the rules doesn’t appear to do anything.

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“Enable local child discovery” is for development. An example would be @ady624. If CoRE was published and he was using the published version but needed to do some development, instead of needing to install a separate version, he could check that box and it would then use the “local” (or IDE) version instead of the version that we (SmartThings) has published. When he is done developing he would uncheck that box and it would go back to the “stable” version.


I’ve found that (at least for me) that “smartsense motion sensor” no longer runs locally and only “smartsense motion” does. Therefore, if I want to run the motion sensor locally I must sacrifice the temperature sensor which is not included in the “smartsense motion” DH. :frowning:

Is everyone else seeing the same? This used to work fine until the last update (again)…

I’m afraid it was like this before the last upgrade.
I raised the question to ST why my ST motion sensor was no longer local and they told me to use ‘SmartSense Motion’.
No explanation as to why 'SmartSense Motion Sensor ’ was no longer local.


Confirmed. I’ve updated the 1st post to reflect this change

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I was using “Smartsense Motion/Temperature Sensor” before. This was local and since been replaced by “Smartsense Motion”. Kind of a backwards step.

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Totally agree. No explanation was given to me when I queried it.

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Regarding smart sense motion

Are you sure?

Mine is local and shows temperature in the SmartThings app.

See screenshots

Not 100% sure what you mean but ‘SmartSense Motion/Temperature Sensor’ used to be local but it isn’t anymore.

You’re right, I jumped the gun and checked the wrong DH. I show that SmartSense Motion Sensor is still running locally (not sure what issues others are experiencing). Re-added device to the list on the first post.

I’m wondering if this is due to them wanting to push the larger ZigBee delays out. They can change it in the cloud faster than firmware updates.

Anyone noticing some devices with the dimmer switch handler being local and others with the same handler not showing on the list?
For some reason I have some GE Z-wave dimmers not showing as local devices.

Not sure about that, but there has definitely been something going on with the device type handlers for the GE switches. Several people reporting that the LEDs begin operating differently on different switches in their home even though they themselves have not made any changes. Which sounds to me like some back end DTH change, although I don’t know that for sure.

Well, I can tell you now that after I went to the IDE and manually updated every device that is supposed to run local, they appeared back in the local device list. This is probably another glitch introduced by the ST end. I’m opening a ticket so they know about this, even though I’ll probably get a dumb reply from someone in support saying they are not seeing anything in my account.

Edit: If someone is seeing something similar, please reference my ticket number #304771

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