FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")



Any chance you can sort a duplicate location (created during the migration) for me. I opened a support case many months ago but it seems to have fallen through the cracks. The location is now named “Duplicate location - please delete”



Have you tried deleting it from the new app?

Doesn’t show up as a location in the new app, only classic. Can’t delete there or via the IDE.

That’s odd! Just checking, in the new app, you clicked on menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen), you see your default Home location listed and you click on the pull-down to the right of that location.

Yes. In the new app all that shows it my location plus the option to add a new location.

You should be all set now.

You do have a 2nd account under what I assume is your work email. The duplicate location was owned by that account which is why you weren’t seeing it in the app. If you sign in with it though, you should see an empty location which you can delete if you want. If you don’t use that account, then I’d just leave things as they are.

Thanks. If I look at Account list in the IDE I can see two accounts that look identical (same name, same email) . One has my main location and the other shows " No locations found". Could this be because I originally joined with a SmartThings account and the migrated to Samsung account? If it’s a different email address then could you DM it to me as I done;t recall ever using a second email address.

@Brad_ST I have had no luck getting rid of my duplicate location. I put in a ticket and followed all of the instructions I could find but to no avail. I believe my split occurred long ago when the Samsung account thing happened. I have two locations, one has most of my stuff and the hub, and the other has some of my stuff. I really want to avoid deleting everything and starting fresh. I just want one location with all of my stuff in it. Please let me know what you need to help if you can.

Thank you,

Doug Smith

This doesn’t sound like the usual duplicate/default location issue users encounter. What instructions did you follow? If your devices are truly split across multiple locations and if it is “fixable”, I believe it would require someone from a higher level support tier.

Hi Brad!

Thank you for your response… This was the email from support:

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

With reference to your Email, I see that duplicate location as been created in your account and devices are splited in to it, lets fix this issue.

I have checked your account and observed that Hub is located in your Home location so Kindly remove “Home whatever” location from the SmartThings app by following the below steps and connect the devices again to the Home location.

  1. Select More Options (Three vertical dots)
  2. Tap Manage Location name.
  3. Tap on Remove Location.

Tap Delete to confirm (IMPORTANT: deleting a Location cannot be undone).

If you face any error kindly get back to us with the Error Screenshot and SmartThings app version.

Samsung SmartThings Support

I tried that and it simply failed. No screen shot worth anything as a little bubble simply pops up and says ‘failed’. I then looked here on the forums and went into the Groovy IDE to set my default location to the one that had the hub, and attempted to delete the other… Got an HTML error 500 and no change doing that. Then I came to this thread. I think my devices being in two places was half self-inflicted as I added more items since the split and they landed in the other ‘home’. What I really want is to just delete one and have only one without having to reinstall them all. But it looks like that is probably what I will have to do. In IDE all of my devices are listed, just split between the two homes. I don’t know if any of this is useful information, but in any case I do thank you for your time!


If the location delete had succeeded, you would have lost the devices attached to the now-deleted location which is what you are trying to avoid.

As mentioned yesterday, this isn’t the usual “duplicate” location case. In those situations, typically there will be two locations. One location is considered the “default location” and lacks a hub/devices/automations. The other location is the one with the stuff on it.

To fix that, the default location can be deleted in the new app or the location with stuff on it can be set as the default which allows the empty location to be deleted from the IDE or Classic app.

In your situation, it sounds like you would need to move the devices that are on the incorrect location to the correct location. Then once the undesired second location is empty, you could then delete it.

It doesn’t seem like the issue was understood. I’m not certain it can be resolved without having to re-setup any devices but support would need to examine the situation further before making that determination.

Thanks again for your time Brad. I have attempted to find a way to move devices between locations with little luck (most directions I have found on the web describe menu choices and/or options that are not there in the classic, new and IDE methods…) Is there a current how-to that you are aware of that shows the steps to move devices from one to another?

I would expect that support would need to be involved. If it can be done, it likely needs to be handled on the backend.

I just transitioned to a Samsung account today (because I wanted to try out the new app). I had 2 locations in my SmartThings account (Home and Work). There was some prior state in my Samsung account that showed in the new app when I logged in before the transition - it had a location “My Home” with no devices or apps. Immediately after the transition, the IDE worked (using account.smartthings.com to get me to the new URL), and it showed all three locations. All of my devices and SmartApps correctly showed in the two real locations; the “My Home” location remained an empty shell. I had to use the instructions in the OP to set “My Home” to not be the default location, and then I was able to delete it.

My problem now is the new app shows my two locations, but no devices or SmartApps. Everything appears correctly in the Home and Work locations in the IDE and in the classic app. The new app shows the two locations, but no devices in them. On my Android phone I’ve cleared it’s data to let it reinitialize, but it still isn’t showing any devices.

Is there something else I should try, before I contact support?

I’d recommend contacting support and let them investigate. Possible that they will need to sync your data.

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Done. Support request #946470.

I guess I should have mentioned… you generally get a faster response if you call and speak directly with a support tech. That’s if you are in a region where calling is available.

What 1. Tap on the Devices tab?
When I open STSC there is a home drop down menu BEFORE there is a devices tab.

There is no second 6. Tap the three dots in the top right
There is no . 7. Tap Move all my devices.

Is there a video somewhere showing how to do this?

These are out-of-date instructions. There have been a couple of app updates/changes since they were posted. As far as I know, they have removed the ability to switch devices between locations. If I remember correctly, it did not work for most users to begin with.

Most of this thread is now out-of-date. The ability to add/remove locations has been added to the new app so there is no need to use the IDE for that purpose.

I dont need to remove a location just transfer the devices.

I need to transfer some devices that transferred to the wrong location in the migration to the new app. They are only in the wrong location in the new app not in the IDE or the old classic app.

Any suggestions?