FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?



That’s something you would have to ask Amazon, unfortunately SmartThings doesn’t have any influence on Amazon’s features roadmap.

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We’re going to have to take care of a sick woman for a couple days. I wanted to set up an easy way for her to summon us from her bedroom. I had a spare button. My thought was to have it trigger Alexa in our bedroom. Simple right??? NOT.

Only way I could figure out how to do it was to create a simulated contact sensor. Then I had to write my own smartapp to open/close that sensor when the button was pushed, which then Alexa could read.

Anybody know of an easier way? I looked at smart lighting, routines, etc. What I did works fine, just kinda annoyed I couldn’t do it any other way. Apparently Alexa won’t recognize switches, just contacts.


The easiest way would be to get an Echo Dot and put that in her room and then they can act as an intercom system. That can save you some time also if it turns out that she needs you to bring her something.

Other than that, you are correct that you will need to use a virtual sensor if you want to trigger and echo routine. However, if you read the thread that is linked to in post 1 above, that has a DTH for a virtual sensor which is also a switch. That allows you to then use it with any of the standard features, including smart lighting. So you don’t need to write your own smartapp.

At the present time, Eco does not recognize switches for this purpose. You can send them feedback through the echo app that you would like to see switches as an option, they do add new features all the time. :sunglasses:

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Thank you JD. Unfortunately we didn’t have more than a day of notice (Hospital seems to think she isn’t sick enuf to stay, even with a massive wound, etc. Go figure). which didn’t give us enuf time to get another echo. And I’m not sure she would be able to understand how to use it anyway.

Even tho I skimmed thru this post I didn’t catch that DTH. Thanks for pointing it out. I will get it and probably use it in the future, but for now got my smartapp working so I’m good.

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Ok, I’m a little puzzled, which is normal.

I installed the DTH referenced above. Created a switch or sensor using that DTH. But I still can’t use it in Echo to trigger a routine. It doesn’t show up as a sensor. Which is the only thing Echo is allowing to trigger a routine.

EDIT: Never mind. I just realized my mistake. I copied one of the original DTH’s instead of the combined one. As I said I am usually puzzled…:slight_smile: