FAQ: Are Smart Bulbs Repeaters? (Updated 2019: the new answer is yes, but may be inconsistent)

Just FYI, been running several more days with the Ecosmart bulbs in the mix and my Xiaomi window/door, temp/humidity and vibration sensors have been fine. My motion sensors have been a bit iffy, but I think that’s due to increasing the network up to 70+ devices and I have some weak paths in place.

Several more days with Ecosmart bulbs – All working fine with Xiaomi devices. Previous issue with motion sensors was actually do to them routing through Hue bulbs. Replaced all Hue bulbs with Ecosmart bulbs and everything has been rock solid.

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Presumably you had the Hue bulbs directly paired to your ST hub rather than via the Hue hub?

Yes, the Hue’s were directly joined and also serving as the router for many of the Xiaomi sensors. Maybe 1 out of 30 or 50 messages would be dropped by the Hue.

I never noticed with just temp/humidity sensors, but when I added motion sensors that turned on bathroom lights maybe a dozen times a day it was very noticeable.

Now with all the Hue stuff gone, it’s been a lot more solid.

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You see I have Hue bulbs but they are paired to a Hue hub, and via that to the SmartThings system, and they give me no problems. So I am assuming they’d only be attempted to be used as a repeater by things that are part of the same hub subsystem - kept to their own Hue system they’d be ignored by the other non-hue zigbees.

This is very true since hue uses ZLL, not zha. Hue bulbs are really only good for sending and receiving messages to one another, and should not be used to mesh with anything but. This is why the official hue/ST integration is via the hue bridge.


Yes - that’s how it works.

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I am looking for b22 bulbs that act as a repeater, ideally without needing an additional bridge.

Have a couple of outdoor light fittings and wish to put a smart bulb in. One fitting is on the house so should be able to pick up the mesh inside the house, another is by the gate and am hoping it can pick up the mesh if the light outside the house is acting as a repeater.

Any suggestions?

So you just want them to repeat for each other?

The best is going to be Philips Hue with the Hue bridge, but I know you said you don’t want an additional bridge. So… :thinking:

Osram makes a B22, but only for the U.K. Not the US. Which country are you in?

If it’s just a matter of reaching that specific bulb, instead of a repeating protocol, you could go with a WiFi bulb from LIFX , as they also make a B22 for Europe and the range is much longer than zigbee.

Otherwise, for some fixtures you can use a simple base adapter and then screw in any E26/E27 smartbulb you like. These are typically $6 for two.

Or even less in the U.K., where more are sold:

If you want to discuss this further, please start a new thread under Devices, as we’re getting a bit offtopic for this thread. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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Two disjoint questions:

Are there any BR30 bulbs that make good Zigbee repeaters? The GE Link bulbs I’m replacing are always-on (controlled with SmartLighting and a motion detector), but I want a more reliable bulb (there are 3 in the area, and one of them always seems to be dropping off).

With the Ikea TRÅDFRI bulbs (which only has an A19, no BR30), do they repeat for ZLL or ZHA or both? The Repeater FAQ didn’t make this clear. I am considering switching over my cellar lighting from plain LEDs and an old, hardwired, motion control switch (which has a fixed 5 minute on period) to use contact switch on the door and controlled bulbs. If I put the Ikea bulbs in that space (covering an area under half the main floor), I’m hoping they’d provide processing for my Zigbee mesh. I’m basically asking if this bulbs would help for routing of my Iris motion and contact switches.

They can repeat for ZLL, ZHA, or Zigbee 3.0, just depending on what network they are on. they should work fine for anything which is attached to your smartthings hub. :sunglasses:

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I haven’t tried them myself, but a number of people have reported good results with the ecosmart bulbs from Home Depot, and they have a BR 30:


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Ah, I missed the post up above when reread all these topics just now. I’ll think I’ll try some instead of opening the Sengled BR30s I got from Amazon (which were more money, too).

None of the Sengled models are repeaters. That’s unusual, but it’s just a choice that the manufacturer made.

And I’m glad they did. That’s just another repeater that can get powered off that I don’t need to worry about.

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All my zigbee bulbs are on the Hue bridge. They work well, and are effective repeaters for each other. :sunglasses: