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FAQ: 32 Zigbee direct connection device limit?

(Alec McLure) #42

My hunch is no - unless either the bump to 64 comes or something changes w/ Xiaomi that allows them to work well with repeaters - or one of us makes some kind of investigative breakthrough that solves the problem! :slight_smile:

Learning to work with these critters has certainly been a group effort. I know I certainly know a lot more about Zigbee than I did before I started.

(Eddy) #43

I am slowly approaching this number, so any zigbee reapeaters out there for xiaomi?


For the Xiaomi devices which are not certified to the ZHA profile, I think you’re going to be just out of luck. Xiaomi has never said they would work with anything except their own hub, and as discussion in this thread and elsewhere has shown, they don’t seem to work well with other repeaters.

The newer Aqara line is using the ZHA profile, at least for some individual models, and for those you might have more luck. But I don’t know for sure.

(Jason) #45

I read elsewhere that the Xiaomi pocket sockets will work as repeaters for the other Xiaomi devices. Anyone happen to know if there’s any truth to this? I’m not in danger of hitting the 32 device limit, but would be interested in this for range/mesh strength reasons.


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(Mursalin Akon) #47

Hi Tom: Is there any update on the fix? Projected timeline? TIA.

(Gavin) #48

I can confirm that I am using the Xiaomi outlets as repeaters for Xiaomi door window sensors, leak sensors and presence sensors. I do occasionally (every 3 days or so turn them on and off as they are not 100% stable - I keep meaning to set up a core routine to do this.

I also set up an Xbee Pro S2B as discussed elsewhere on this site, but this did not repeat the Xiaomi devices nor did the smarthings outlet

(Mursalin Akon) #49

Another ping. Any update on this limitation?


(Lewiszhou) #50

Hello Sir
If you can kindly help me clarify one point about ST.

Does ST support 32 direct connection (including z-wave zigbee wifi) in total
Does ST support up to 32 direct zigbee devices connection, in addition to any z-wave / wifi devices that are already existing?

Please kindly help., people are saying things differently



(Jimmy) #51

Zigbee only.


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(Tom Manley) #53

@prjct92eh2 is correct, the limitation is with Zigbee end devices only.

(Lewiszhou) #54

Thank you Tom

(Lewiszhou) #55

Thank you Jimmy


Any update on the increase to 64 devices?

(Rui) #57

Good afternoon, Do you have the xiaomi outlet pugs to work as a repeater in europe? how do i enable the repeater mode? what is dh what do i need?


Just wondering whether there’s any update on the 32 device limit.
I just bought a number of Sengled Downlights with a view to using them with my Smartthings Hub. Based on what on my understanding from this thread, this is going to be an issue due to the 32 device limit issue.
Anybody able to confirm that?
I’m wondering whether I can somehow still control them through smartthings if I connect the lights to the Sengled Hub?


Unsure on any changes on the 32 limit but I believe you can work around this by getting a non endpoint zigbee powered device like a plug-in outlet. It will offload some of the direct connections to the hub.

(Ben Erkens ) #60

I use a Ikea Tradfri bulb as a repeater for my Xiaomi Aqara door/window sensor.

Use the cheapest GU10 bulb, connect it to mains and leave it off (brightness 0%).

I tried this when Xiaomi sensor disconnected always after a few hours/days. Now the connection is reliable.

Don’t have a XTCU option to see the topology, but it works.

E26 to GU10 adapter

Grtn Ben

(Dan) #61

Zigbee bulbs are notorious for being poor repeater devices, IMHO. Also, they are subject to be powering off by wall switches, or lamp switches, thereby causing the Zigbee mesh to have issues. The great thing about Sengled bulbs is that they are not Zigbee repeaters. Therefore, the mesh is never impacted if someone turns a bulb off via a physical power switch. I would encourage the use of a good smart outlet that is known to repeat signals well for your devices (i.e. the Xiaomi devices seem to be the most picky, since they are not Zigbee HA compliant devices.) I use Lowes Iris 3210-L outlets and have not had any issues with my zigbee mesh. Note, these outlets are known to not play well with Xiaomi devices.

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