FAQ: 2019 UK options for light switches with smart bulbs?

If you are using smart bulbs then realistically you have to use matching smart wireless switches which could be either battery or kinetic powered. There are both types available and compatible with Philips Hue bulbs. If you want the equivalent of wired switches especially 3 or 4 gang options then you need to use normal (dumb) bulbs although in some cases you could still have dimmable bulbs.

This is why a lot of people start off with smart bulbs and end up switching to dumb bulbs with either smart switches or micro modules.

Note: Philips Hue smart bulbs now remember their last setting when power is cut from them and will return to this when power is restored. You still can’t turn them back on if they have been turned off at a traditional light switch other than by using that traditional light switch but at least power cuts are less of a problem.

This thread is an FAQ on available switch options to use with smart bulbs , it’s not intended to discuss individual projects. Even more so since you are not intending to use smart bulbs.

Instead, please start a new thread under projects and people will be glad to help you there. That way you can get individualized advice on what you’re trying to accomplish. :sunglasses:


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Apologies, the title of the thread is truncated on mobile, therefore I could not see this was a specific thread for smart bulbs.

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