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FAQ: 2018 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?



GE : blue LEDs
Leviton: green LEDs
Lutron: light green LEDs
Homeseer: four indicator LEDs that can be individually set do any of several colors. This is intended to let you use them as indicators for things like “back door unlocked” or “system armed” but you can also just set all of them to whatever color you prefer from their selection.

See the video on the product page for the various colors.

(Big Hoss) #26

I can live with green LEDs, the blue LEDs drive me nuts and keep me awake…

Can you recommend model #s for the Leviton fan controllers and light switches?


Again, we’re getting too specific for this thread, which is a general FAQ. Just add a post with the question to one of your existing project threads, and we can discuss it there. :sunglasses:

(MarkTr) #28

You can disable the light through a button press sequence.