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FAQ: 2018 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Yes, the wall mounted remote will control the Zigbee receiver without problem and you will also still be able to use the loose remote. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not package the wall mount remote with the Zigbee receiver which is why you have to purchase both kits throwing away the Receiver (Non-Zigbee) that comes packaged with the Wall Mount Remote. (Using the Zigbee Receiver that comes packaged with the loose remote) I’ve done this with two of my ceiling fans.

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Does it allow the fan to turn on/off or just control the speed? I would think it allows on/off, but I can’t find that on the amazon page for it.

It’s always a good idea to read the user manual for any smart device that you are considering buying.

In this case you press once on the top for on, and you hold to change the speed.

You press once on the bottom for off, and again hold to decrease the speed.

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I saw this honeywell one today.

Honeywell Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Speed Control, 3-Speed In-Wall Paddle Switch, White and Almond |Built-In Repeater Range Extender | ZWave Hub Required - SmartThings, Wink, Alexa Compatible, 39358

Good catch. That’s a rebrand of the GE switch discussed already in this FAQ. :sunglasses:

It’s already on this thread, it’s option 4 in post number three. :sunglasses:

This is an FAQ thread and intended for information that would be of value to many different people.

If you have questions about a specific device/project, please start a new thread so people can answer you there.

Zigbee, Zwave, Zwave plus? Uh… Okay so wrap my head around that.

As I understand it, ZWave has a limit of 4 hops between the controller, I.E. the hub, and the client device. Zigbee doesn’t have any such limit. However, Zwave is pretty much an open applied standard where Zigbee is a standard that various vendors, well… vary… so not all Zigbee devices play well together.
Z wave has a larger range. That’s a good thing.
It’s all more than a bit confusing. Not sure how to proceed…

That’s not exactly how it all works, but we would be getting way off topic for this thread if we start going into protocol distinctions. :sunglasses:

Why don’t you start by reading the following FAQ, and then if you still have questions about the protocols you can start a new thread under devices and we can talk about it there.

Meanwhile, as far as selecting devices that work with SmartThings, most people will be fine with either Z wave or zigbee for any given device, you just choose the one that has the best features for what you need.

You just need to make sure that you have enough repeaters overall of each protocol that you are using. See the following FAQ on those issues. Start with post 11 in that thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thing.

Now I could be terribly wrong, but as I understand it, at least with Zigbee, the wired devices such as outlets, light switches, fan controls etc… act as repeaters… I could be terribly wrong, if so, I will have to reassess my network design…

FWIW, I was planning on going all zigbee with the light switches and fan controls if for no other reason, cost… Zwave for some reason seems to be more expensive.

Again, this thread is a general FAQ about fan switches. I’ll be glad to discuss network protocols in a different thread. Or a specific fan set up. Thanks! There’s a ton of information in the forum, and lots of different discussions, and it just helps everybody if we stay on topic in each thread. :sunglasses:

Also, if you just want to understand more about repeaters, see the following FAQ in the community – created wiki:

Agreed, so back to the topic at hand. Switches for ceiling fans with / without light kits.

All of the fans in my house are 3 speed, and I see the GE model 12730 discussed above which looks like it will meet my needs, however, and there is one HUGE problem. The blue light. I like the help me find it in the dark lighting sure, but as you know, blue light tends to mess with people’s sleep, and I need to use these in bedrooms.

Is there a model you can recommend that perhaps uses an amber light instead?

GE : blue LEDs
Leviton: green LEDs
Lutron: light green LEDs
Homeseer: four indicator LEDs that can be individually set do any of several colors. This is intended to let you use them as indicators for things like “back door unlocked” or “system armed” but you can also just set all of them to whatever color you prefer from their selection.

See the video on the product page for the various colors.

I can live with green LEDs, the blue LEDs drive me nuts and keep me awake…

Can you recommend model #s for the Leviton fan controllers and light switches?

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Again, we’re getting too specific for this thread, which is a general FAQ. Just add a post with the question to one of your existing project threads, and we can discuss it there. :sunglasses:

You can disable the light through a button press sequence.

I see that Lutron is coming out with Caseta Fan control.

Since I just dropped coin on the Lutron smart bridge pro and a ton of pico remotes … what are chances that this fan controller could integrate with ST? Would really hate to have to use the Lutron app just for the fan and ST for everything else.

It’s not in this FAQ yet because it does not yet have SmartThings integration. People have contacted Lutron support and they have said they don’t know when or if that integration will be available.

I have two on preorder :wink:

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Hi, RE: Option 1, is this the correct switch? It doesn’t mention zigbee in the description.|G|Base|D27L|27-27_CEILING_FAN_ACCESSORIES|NA|LIA|CeilingFanAccessories|71700000052688719|58700005049197252|92700044112071732&gclid=Cj0KCQjwuLPnBRDjARIsACDzGL0liReKQgmiSk9lsdbKmxbUAtb8Kh935nOTaE5zOxEketWjDPSPgAkaAtcqEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Please ask questions about the individual devices in the threads linked to above. In this case the following thread:

Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

The people there will be able to answer any questions you have about that specific device. :sunglasses: