FanLinc: Controlling Fan and Light w/ Alexa

FanLinc: Controlling Fan and Light w/ Alexa

I am so confused and frustrated. I am hoping that this is just me not understanding how to do something so very simple.

I have my FanLinc properly installed and it is working with the Insteon App on my iPhone X. I can bring the app up, go to devices, and tap the Device and use my iPhone to control the lighting on/off and dimmer and the fan speed (high, medium, low, and off). Works just as would expect.

Here comes the but…

I linked my insteon account with Alexa. When I initially set up my FanLinc, I was able to tell Alexa: “Living Room Fan High” or “Living Room Light On” and it seemed to be working, but found that the light and fan speed were “combined” and if I told Alexa “Living Room Fan Low”, the fan and the lights were set to low. Not what I wanted.

At first I thought I maybe did not “connect” the fan part of the FanLinc with the app separate from the light part of the FanLinc (two different buttons and LEDs), so I tried to mess with that, but it kept finding the same device, regardless of which button I held down to make it blink and be ready to add to the app.

So I found Scenes - and I tried to create 7 different scenes: Fan High, Medium, Low and Off, Light On, Off, and Half (50%). Unfortunately I kept running into the dreaded “A few things share that name” message from Alexa. I tried to shorten the names, and change the order of the words and many other permutations and I have not figured it out. I did some research on this site and many others, but no solutions have presented themselves.

How can I control the fan speed and light separately with Alexa?

I have come up with a solution, not the most ideal or preferred solution - but it works.

After reading the following limitations of the Insteon Hub and Fan Controller combination:

I had to set up my Scenes in this fashion:

  • Living Room Light On
  • Living Room Light Off
  • Living Room Fan 3
  • Living Room Fan 2
  • Living Room Fan 1
  • Living Room Fan 0

Then I would have to tell Alexa (this is the key), “Alexa, Living Room Fan 3 ON”. The use of on and off with the scene name - cumbersome - allowed things to work.

So if I want the light on and the Fan on medium, I have to ask Alexa twice: “Alexa, Living Room Light ON”, and “Alexa, Living Room Fan 2 ON”
…and if I want the fan off: "“Alexa, Living Room Fan 0 ON” (this is the one that is an oxymoron).

Oh well, if anyone can find something better… I would love it.

I’m glad you were able to find something that worked! :sunglasses:This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform. That platform is not compatible with Insteon, and so people here are not going to be using the FanLinc device and I’m afraid you’re not likely to get any responses. :disappointed_relieved:

I would suggest you look for an insteon forum instead.

Thanks! Based on the conversations I thought it was a “Smart Home” and Automation forum!
My bad. Cheers!

It is that, but within the specific context of the Samsung SmartThings platform. :sunglasses:

Because this forum is so active, it tends to bubble up to the top of many google searches on home automation. So it’s an easy mistake to make.