Fan Switch

Is it possible to use a 12727 toggle switch with a fan? I’m not really wanting to change fan speed, just on/off. I found some differing opinions on whether or not this can be used. It looks like it can based on the description on the advertising, but wanting to hear from someone with first hand experience.


Yes, this is okay. What you cannot do is use a dimmer.

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I originally had two fans on toggle switches, I mainly did this because I couldn’t find a fan switch with a toggle switch. They seem to only be the rocker type switch… I didn’t really want to have different type switches throughout the house. I then put the fan switch in our bedroom on fan switch and found that I really like being able to control the speed with Alexa, so I have since switched all my fans to fan switches.

To your original questions, I did it and it worked fine, but I recommend the fan switch.

So…I’m very new. Haven’t even got my first switch in the mail yet. If I put a fan switch on it, how exactly does that control fan speed? is there a way that you can wire the fan in such a way that the speed can be manipulated by a switch vs the pull string on the fan, or is there a specific type of fan that does does this?

You just set the fan to high via the pull chain and install the switch. The switch will adjust the voltage to the fan motor to set the speed. The fan switch installs just like a plain toggle. The connection is identical.

It will be a bit more difficult if you have two or more switches controlling the fan, but in that case you need add-on switchs, again the same ones you would use with a plain toggle. As before the wiring would be the same for a toggle with add-on as with a fan switch.and add-on.

For clarity: The GE 12727 toggle switch can turn the fan on or off only. It can not control fan speed.

The GE 12730 or 14287 (new model) can control fan speed, but these are paddle-type switches.

I did a search for a friend yesterday. I did not see any smart fan toggle switches with fan control. There are add-on kits that are installed in the fan assembly (Hampton Bay). I believe this has a SmartThings app. Does not require replacing wall switch, but installation is in the fan.

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If all you want is on/off then an inline switch (I use the Aeotec Micro Switch) under the fan cowling works great for me and does require you to change the current wall switch. I have a fan that isn’t even on a wall switch and I had to pull the chain to turn it on and change speeds. Now, I just set the speed and use Google Home/Smarthings to say “Turn on Fan”.