Fan Speed Control Automation with Remote?

I’ve got a bunch of the ecosmart Zigbee 4 button remotes laying around. I have three ceiling fans, two running on Bond controllers (using community drivers, not the Bond integration), one on the old “King of Fans” style moved to Edge.

I would like to set up buttons to increase fan speeds when pressed to the next level (of four). Once it is at 100% speed, optimally go back to 0% on next press for the “up” button, but if it just stayed at 100% for subsequent presses, it would be OK. So from 0%, go to 25%, then 50%, then 75%, then 100%, then maybe back to 0. And reversed for the down button.

Any ideas? I can voice control them fine or use the app. Would just like to have a remote option as well outside the stock remotes. The Bond remotes work fine, but the KoF remote is very hit and miss.

You can try creating a routine for every fan speed with preconditions.

If fan off (precondition)
If button pressed
Then set fan speed low

Another option is Sharptools.
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That worked on the Bond controller. Just did a test button with a routine and it seems to cycle through the fan speeds then back off.

Thanks much. I knew there had to be a way. Now I will see if I can replicate it with the KoF controller.

The dumb thing on my part was that years ago I’d basically done something similar to do voice control by number in Alexa. Should have remembered that.

Side note, I wish there was a way within SmartThings to group automations and routines so that there wasn’t just some massive list you have to search through. I know you can go to a device and see what automations it, but the main list still kind of sucks. :slight_smile:

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If they all have a common name/device in them use the search feature and you will have an abbreviated list.

Understood, just the text wall when you enter Automations looks a bit chaotic. If we’re trying to make this stuff user friendly, seems there could be a better way.

Just a minor thing. Like I said, if I want to find an automation for a certain device, the device menu is also there.