Fan + Light Controller?

Hello everyone,
I’m planning to get some ceiling fans in my house, and would like to control them via SmartThings. Preferably z-wave, since thats what everything else I’m getting is. I’ve seen the GE Fan controller and a Livia one, both on amazon, but the problem with them is that they both ONLY control the fan. Many ceiling fans these days (including the ones I’m getting) have both a light and a fan in one.

Does anyone know a good way to handle this? Ideally I’d rather not have 2 wall switches, 1 for fan and 1 for light.

I think the fans come with remote controls, so worst case I can just use the remote instead of SmartThings, but thats a bummer! :slight_smile:

Most people do use a double gang switch. It’s just simpler.

However, there are two other alternatives. The first is a dual relay switch that fits inside a single gang box. These are popular for bathrooms where one button is the light and the other is the light. The problem is these are typically just on/off for the fan, not variable speed control. Fine for baths, but most people like low/medium/high for other rooms. But if just on/off would work, see:

The other alternative if the fixture allows it is to put the fan on one of the wall switches and control the light with an Aeon micro placed inside the light fixture.

Do not connect the micro to the fan motor! Only to the light itself. See:

Cool thanks :). I’m not too good with electrical wiring so maybe the 2 switch solution for me. Any experience with the GE one?