Fan/Light control switch - yes, again

This wireless receiver came with the Hunter fan I recently installed. It says that it’s operating at 434MHz. I can only hope that will work with the Broadlink device. Time will tell once I get the unit

Where did you buy it.?

I bought the fan from Menards, and it came with the Hunter 99118 remote and transmitter. The same remote and transmitter :

I was planning to Hunter 99111 with the assumption that the frequency used are going to be the same at 433.92 MHz AKA 434 MHz. Worth a shot.

Thanks. Good to know. I bought Harbor Breeze kit for $19 at Lowes, but it turned out to be 304 MHz. Going to take it back.

Interesting… If found one on eBay that looks exactly like in your picture, but the sticker clearly says 350 MHz. Go figure.

Ok, I did some digging around FCC database and found 8 Hunter remotes (out of 50) that use 433/434 MHz frequency:

| Model        | FCC ID  | Freq    |
| Hunter 99112 | IN2TX37 | 433.9  |
| Hunter 99116 | IN2TX36 | 434.0  |
| Hunter 99118 | IN2TX40 | 434.0  |
| Hunter 99119 | IN2TX43 | 434.0  |
| Hunter 99121 | IN2TX42 | 434.0  |
| Hunter 99123 | IN2TX41 | 434.0  |
| Hunter 45012 | IN2TX73 | 433.92 |
| Hunter 45051 | IN2TX72 | 433.92 |

Found one on eBay for $12.99 shipped :smile:

Nice!! How did you get the model number from FCC website? I know Lutron (grantee: JPZ) has a whole bunch of 433-434MHz as well. I’d like to know the models

FCC requires a picture of a label with model number and FCC ID. :smile:

Add Hunter 99111 & 99120 to the list. Both are on 434MHz frequency

So, I got my Hunter 99110 Fan Controller Kit (433 MHz) from eBay and took it apart. Interestingly, it does not use cheap analog Tx/Rx modules found in Chinese fan controllers. Instead, this is a fully digital design. The chips are made by Indie Semiconductor (former AyDeeKay LLC)

Remote (transmitter): M34228
Controller (receiver): M37473

These chips are not listed on their website (they’re probably custom-made for Hunter), but there’s a couple of close matches, which are Cortex M0 cores integrated with 433 MHz ISM radios.

I was hoping for something more familiar using PT2262 encoder chip with known data format. This one may be difficult to decode without knowing what message format they use.

Hi. I’ve got the very same device you picture here. It came with a Hunter fan recently purchased. The wiring is not an issue, but nothing in the literature shows the physical mounting location of this device. It clearly must mount below the ceiling box in the fan canopy area next to the ceiling. Yet, among all the illustrations in the literature, the location of this unit is not shown. Even the illustration of the wiring for this gives no indication of placement. I see no obvious workable solution. Where and how did you install the unit shown in this photo?

Pretty much the same like instructions from youtube

Thanks. That was just what I needed. Cheers from Austin, Texas. Take care, b2e

I assume the Broadlink solution did not work for the fan controller? I purchased one but it has limited instructions and it hard to confirm if the Broadlink supports the same frequencies as the Hampton Remote.

Broadlink or geeklink, both won’t work. They use UDP instead of HTTP protocol. Sorry to say this is end of the road for broadlink and geeklink solution.

You need to look at your Hampton Remote, check it against FCC database. If it’s showing 433, 434, or 315 it would be compatible with Broadlink. if it’s other than those frequencies, then you’re out of luck

You can try this if you don’t mind on getting your hands dirty by building a 433MHz bridge

or you can invest in this

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I have Hampton bay fan/light combos around the house. All just work with a single light switch and an IR remote. Anyone have any idea if there is a solution to this problem yet? I’d really like to integrate the fan and light separately into Smartthings.

I assume you mean RF remote and not IR

Lol. This is an old thread, but yes. I mean RF. Not IR… And yes, this is still a problem.

I bought broadlink RM pro but unable to control my fan. It’s not detecting the remote signal. I have no idea what is the frequency of this remote. It’s just said FCC ID: A25-TX005R. Any idea??image

Not sure what’s wrong, but it’s a compatible frequency, so that part is OK.


Hopefully someone who uses the Broadlink pro like @copyninja will be able to help you further.

I suggest you start a new thread in Projects and call it “need help getting Broadlink Pro to work with my fan” and that way hopefully someone with Broadlink experience will be able to help you.

Also, since we now resurrected an old thread, I wanted to add for anyone looking for fan information that there is now a new fan FAQ which discusses the current simple options for fan control with SmartThings. (October 2017). So if you came to this thread looking to see what specific fan control devices work with SmartThings, check the FAQ (this is a clickable link) :sunglasses:

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