Fan and light control?

Hi- I have fan with remote. There are two switches to control the fan and light independently. Is there any device I can use to connect with smart things ?

What is the brand and model of the fan? There are a number of possible ways to solve this problem, but it depends on the exact set up.

Home Decorator windward IV 52’ room ceiling fan.


Replace tge light switch with a ge on/off replace the fan switch depending on how you would like continued operation to work either:

If you would like to ge using the remote but only have voice control of on/ off replace with on off switch.

If you would like voice control of speed the remote gets taken out of commision as you need to leave the fan on high for the ge fan switch to work properly.

Option three if you can get another remote you could hack it by adding some relays to where the buttons connect and continue using the one remot along with alexa.people have done similar things to garage remote buttons.