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False Garage Door events tonight

(John S) #21

I have seen this once (2am… no one at the house, either) - in my Linear. It’s been installed about a month. most odd.


I see the same thing. Happened again last night right after I went to bed. Got a push notification that the garage was open, walked out to check it and it was closed. I also have two garage doors with the GD00Z-4 and both have reported incorrectly, probably a total of 5-6 times in 3 months.

(Jeremy) #23

I am having this same problem with my Linear garage door opener.
I have been getting false events all day.
I have replaced the battery in the tilt sensor, but doesnt appear to have helped.
I have tried a Z-wave repair command and not sure if that will makes things better.

(Jeremy) #24

I powered the linear controller up and down, and did a z-wave repair.
Fortunately between the that and the battery replacement, my false garage door events have stopped.

(James Van Booven) #25

We have one of the Linear garage door controllers, and it has the same issue. False positive for a status change to “Opening”, which triggers the Smart Home Monitor. We’ve changed batteries as well.

This issue is maddening, because I don’t want to disable intrusion detection for the garage door, but I also hate being woken up in the middle of the night for false alarms.

It works great except for this issue. I’d replace it in a heartbeat if there was a good alternative that doesn’t require duct tape and baling wire. Any other garage door controllers that have direct integration with SmartThings?

(Eric Anderson) #26

remove the sensor from smart home monitor… that will stop the false alarms. then buy a secondary contact or tilt sensor to be used in smart home monitor…