False Alerts when battery drops to 77%-78%


I noticed that when the battery level drops on a sensor (in recent case a motion sensor) to around 77% -78% I get false alerts when the system is armed every 3-4 hours

As anyone else seen this behavior… I know changing the battery fixes the problem , but when I measured the battery I took out it was 2.96V so very close to 3V and certain not as I expected down at less than 1V which would be 77% ish


+1, at one of my motion sensors
battery is at 89%
have to reconnect or replace the battery

The ST motion and Multi sensors have very inaccurate reporting. The motion will die when voltage drops much below 3v, but the Multi can run those suckers down to under 1v. Though not all of them seem to be so miserly. I measure each battery when a device dies and replace with new batteries. I then sort the old into voltage groups and when another device dies that I know works with a lower voltage, I throw in the next highest capacity used battery.

I’ve given up on the battery monitoring apps, I have far too many sensors and would just get lots of false reports. Now if someone in the house says something doesn’t work, I just go replace it. Everyone has learned to deal with it I guess.

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