Fakro ARZ Roof window shutters and ZWP10 remote

Has anyone had any progress in including the ARZ roof window shutters or the remote?

I’m fairly new to ST - and while most other devices seem to connect fairly easily, I seem not to be able to include either the shutters nor the remote. I have attempted multiple IN/EXs and tried to Associate/Copy/Learn/… always followed by an exclude to start ‘fresh’.

Currently trying to develop a new device handler utilizing the information on the Z wave alliance site, and publishing/adding these as devices. I can’t say I know exactly what I am doing… I understand the basics but not experienced enough to really know whether I’m on the right track. One of my questions is “will creating a device using device handlers coding even allow to control a z wave device if I can’t even include it?”

Appreciate any words of wisdom you may have for me - Thank you in advance