Failure Alerts?

(Lonny Barry) #1

How does one create an alert such that an operation failure is immediately apparent?

Example Use Case

Monday night. Youngest daughter walks oldest dog via the front door. She fails to close the door completely. The “Lock Up” job fails to lick the front door. Consequently 32 degree air continues to blow across the thermostat beginning around 2 am once the wind finally blows the door fully open.

I cannot find an option to setup a failure notification. Granted I could very well be missing it.



(Brian Steere) #2

With doors/windows there is an option to notify if left open. I have my garage set to alert me if it’s open for more than 5 minutes.

Doors & Locks -> Gear at top of app -> Pick your door -> Notify if left open

(Lonny Barry) #3

I looked at what you are describing and I do not believe it’s in the same vein. What I would like to know is when a door lock fails to lock.

(Greg) #4

You need the is it secure app by @tslagle13

Is my home secure?

(Lonny Barry) #5

Thanks, This is exactly what I was looking for.
Installed and testing now.
Thanks also for the intro to the SmartApps development.