Failed to fire events and tracking state

I’ve posted a few times (under my other account) about tracking state for an app.

The problem I am having is that as time goes on - I am noticing an increasing failure to fire rate for events. For example - an event attached to a mode change “Asleep” loops through 11 Philips Hue bulbs and 4 WeMo Switches and turns them “Off”.

Since last Friday (27 June 2014) when “Asleep” triggers, one or two lamps wouldn’t turn off. On sunday it’s now three or four. The Hue and WeMo apps both have no problems turning on / off the devices - so it’s not a communication issue.

I would like to see (documented if it exists, created if it doesn’t) a way to know when an event doesn’t fire.

I still also have issues with tracking state - especially with Hue bulbs. The values for colour and level and very often “stale”, even after a .poll()

Not that this will help, but both Wemo’s and Hue’s are still beta and might explain the inconsistency. I got so fed up with the Wemo’s that I just switched them out for Zwave’s.

Cheers @Mbhforum - It was fairly stable, I suspect it’s a platform issue - given the problems of the last few weeks.

My request still stands though, there will be times when an event can not fire or does not fire - I think there needs to be a callback to say either an event fired, may not have fired, or did not fire.

It is important for remotely triggered events, or timed events.

I have heard nothing but bad feedback on wemos. Give the API time to develop and mature. Yes ST is selling a production product, but much of the features are still virgin.

That’s bizarre @docwisdom - I don’t doubt there is negative feedback around the WeMo, but I consider myself a fairly harsh judge and I think they are doing pretty well.

My principal issue with them is the in wall switches seem to crash once or twice a month and it means a visit to the circuit breaker to power off the lighting circuit.

I actually am selling my wemo’s on eBay now. They are not reliable for the serious home automation system. Too many crashes. The latest issue I had is I just added a verizon wireless extender on my home network and the wemo’s must get confused and drop offline. That was the final straw as I replaced my wemo’s with zwave devices and so far have been very reliable with smartthings.

We foolishly tried to use them at work with IFTTT to schedule powering down our access points. hahah. what a joke.
Eventually went with hardwired units from 3g store.

Awe … IFTTT is a joke. (in my opinion)
I understand the frustration with WeMo - but like I said - I really haven’t had that may problems with them.