Failed device brings down routines

I have no failed devices, but I did take two switches offline to install a doorbell transformer. Circuit is off try to run goodnight and my house is still lit up like a Christmas tree.

Everything works in the app but not the routines. But when I power the circuit back up routines work.

For a SmartThing how is this smart? Can’t even handle one device failure. I could see if some failed to execute because of the mesh, but mine is large and everything except the things on the powerless circuit still work just fine.

Can you email details (device names, approximate times) about this to support@. There are situations where a bad device can fail a routine, but an offline device should not.

Just recreated it 2:38pm CST.

All devices were on not a single zwave device turned off. No locks locked. Harmony turned off the tv and cable box.

2:40pm CST power restored and goodnight worked. Except the locks.