Fail to publish as a "SmartThings-compatible device"

hi, I have enrolled as an organization member in Developer Workspace,and Organization has registered a brand for my device.I have created the Device Handler ,and finish the Product info.Then i try to publish my device as a “SmartThings-compatible device” ,it occus an error page after i fill the brand and DeviceHandler .What can i do to solve this problem?It seems my SmartApps and Device handler are ok.i want to publish my product as soon as possible.error

probably best if you click on the contact us link in the message that was generated and have them look into it for you :slight_smile:
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I have try to contact them,but its very difficult.It take me 2 days to get only one reply,and can not solve this problem.I keep contact them now.@jody.albritton @Brad_ST

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cross-browser compatibility.Thanks All.

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