Fail: Ok Google, let's get spooky

”Ok Google, let’s get spooky” (this one sets the Halloween vibe, with spooky music and flickering smart lights)

Gave it a try today. Kids loved it. All the lights went through cycles on/off and changed brightness. My 3 Chromecast Tv’s came on with supporting video against the Google Home spooky sounds. Too cool!

The most spooky part? Lost connections to my devices! Several Cree bulbs / Samsung Motion Sensors dropped off the hub. I had to perform resets and re-discovery of these devices afterwards. Motion sensors were easy; Cree bulbs wanted the on/off cycle 4 times to reset. Not sure why but thought it was worth sharing.

I just tried it. Spooky! I had to say “OK Google, stop.” for it to stop. Nothing got disconnected though.

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I had on the same issues above. I told Google to start again (Hey Google let’s get spooky) And this time it told me it was changing to Paranormal mode. I told Google to stop paranormal and it ended the process.

It only plays music for me… doesn’t control the lights at all.

I tried it out and the kids were excited

I do not have smart lights

I can tell it to stop and everything does but the lights continue to change colors I can’t make him stop

Spooky indeed. Nice :cowboy_hat_face:!

Does anyone know what smart bulbs works with this google home setup? I know Philips Hue & LIFX works. Does anyone using with the Sylvania lightify color bulbs ?

Let me know.

I have the soft Sylvain bulbs (only dimmable) and Cree white and soft throughout the house. They went to town with the spooky feature.

It only controls things called lights. Took me a few days to figure this out.

allhogan, what do you mean exactly by “lights”, do I need to change the names in the Home app?