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Fail: Ok Google, let's get spooky

(Robert K) #1

”Ok Google, let’s get spooky” (this one sets the Halloween vibe, with spooky music and flickering smart lights)

Gave it a try today. Kids loved it. All the lights went through cycles on/off and changed brightness. My 3 Chromecast Tv’s came on with supporting video against the Google Home spooky sounds. Too cool!

The most spooky part? Lost connections to my devices! Several Cree bulbs / Samsung Motion Sensors dropped off the hub. I had to perform resets and re-discovery of these devices afterwards. Motion sensors were easy; Cree bulbs wanted the on/off cycle 4 times to reset. Not sure why but thought it was worth sharing.


I just tried it. Spooky! I had to say “OK Google, stop.” for it to stop. Nothing got disconnected though.


I had on the same issues above. I told Google to start again (Hey Google let’s get spooky) And this time it told me it was changing to Paranormal mode. I told Google to stop paranormal and it ended the process.

(Ryan) #4

It only plays music for me… doesn’t control the lights at all.

(naresh) #5

I tried it out and the kids were excited

I do not have smart lights

(Jason Reuter) #6

I can tell it to stop and everything does but the lights continue to change colors I can’t make him stop

(Alex Walker) #7

Spooky indeed. Nice :cowboy_hat_face:!

(Rajan Kannan) #8

Does anyone know what smart bulbs works with this google home setup? I know Philips Hue & LIFX works. Does anyone using with the Sylvania lightify color bulbs ?

Let me know.

(Robert K) #9

I have the soft Sylvain bulbs (only dimmable) and Cree white and soft throughout the house. They went to town with the spooky feature.

(Allhogan) #10

It only controls things called lights. Took me a few days to figure this out.

(Dan Stanley) #11

allhogan, what do you mean exactly by “lights”, do I need to change the names in the Home app?