Fade between 2 levels (GE dimmers)

GE switches have two different parameters that can be configured to control dimming:


Both the number of steps (or levels) that the dimmer will change and the timing of the steps can be modified to suit personal preferences. The timing of the steps can be adjusted in 10 millisecond intervals. As an example, the default setting for parameter 8 is “3”. This means that the lighting level will change every 30 milliseconds when the Dim Command is received. A value of 255 would mean that the level would change every 2.55 seconds. Combined, the two parameters allow dim rate adjustments from 10 milliseconds to 4.2 minutes to go from maximum-to-minimum or minimum-to-maximum brightness levels.

Most device type handlers will allow you to do this, I believe including the stock handler. Go to the device in your things list, go to its details screen, and there should be a tiny gears icon that you can click on to get to the parameters that are exposed.

If the DTH doesn’t expose them, you can temporarily change to the Z wave tweaker and do it that way.