Factory Reset Bricked My Smartthings ADT Panel "Claim Code Unavailable"

I have contacted support and they are unwilling to help without a sales receipt. I don’t have the receipt, but that’s not the point. ADT and Smartthings bricked my panel with instructions posted on their websites. No where in the reset instructions does it tell you that following the instructions will render your panel useless. These instructions tell you that a reset will restore your panel back to the factory defaults, which means to mean that the activation code will once again be displayed on the screen.

I have contacted the BBB and my next step is to find a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit. Once again a big company is trying to shaft the consumer and expect them to take the loss of hundreds of dollars without complaint.


I tried to contact Samsung directly today, but the phone number turned out to be the same number as Smarttings support. I wanted to file a complaint with someone in the company, and the lady gave me the e-mail for the president of Samsung. I suggest you all e-mail if you are having this same problem. That’s the only way that we will find a resolution.


Sales of the ADT Security Hub were not substantial, so you’re unlikely to find/reach many people experiencing the same same problem (and then willing to escalate it).

Your best option is to remain persistent with SmartThings Support.

However, if the device is outside the Warranty Period (1 year, I presume), you aren’t likely to have any legal recourse (depending on the strength of consumer protection laws in your region). Even then, there are unlikely to be enough claims to attract a lawsuit lawyer.

Of course you have good reason to be frustrated, disappointed, and angry. But realistically, cutting your losses and saving further emotional energy, is the most practical option.


My reason for doing this is two fold. One, to maybe stop others from making the same mistake and two, to help those who have had their panels bricked by Smartthings. I don’t really care how many they did or didn’t sale, the problem is that they are not willing to take any responsibility. I would have to disagree with your numbers since people all over the world were buying these panels. You might want to take a look at the other threads about this same issue.

You can post links to all of the relevant Topics here and the Forum software will automakers cross-reference then and help folks find this important issue.

But I can tell you with no malice, just tons of experience, your quest won’t lead anywhere.

Are you trying to return the item or get it working?

Get it working. As I told everyone I have spoken to at Smartthings, I would just like to have a software or firmware update so that the activation code is presented on the screen when it was new as described in the instructions. If that is not possible, then I would like to send my panel in and have them send me a working panel. I don’t see where this a huge financial burden on the company.

I don’t think that this is out of the realm of possibilities. I was an electronics technician when I was working and I worked with engineers who would have cleared this up in fifteen minutes. Since I have talked too support at both ADT and Smartthings, it appears that they have broken their collaboration and are not allowed to speak with each other. My guess is that they have agreed to purposely brick these panels so that they can remove them from service. That is just my opinion though.

Thanks for your support.

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

Jody, I do appreciate you posting here which I assume was too help. I do thank you for that. However, I don’t like being PMd and being asked about the serial number of my panel. I am currently processing a complaint with the BBB in California and do not want to do anything to jeopardize my complaint. If you and your engineer colleague that you talked to want to really do something, why don’t you push out a software update that corrects the activation code being displayed on the screen. Even if you use the serial number to look up the panel in your system, that is not going to fix the problem that the code is displayed on the screen. If you find the panel in your system and find the activation code for that panel, will I be able to use that code to connect the panel too the app? Will I be able to use the code with the panel connected to my wifi? If you can guarantee me that, I would be willing to send you the serial number. If I send you the serial number, will you send me a code that will activate the panel? Are you able to prepare a software update to fix all of the panels? If so, why not just do that for everyone. Even if you could, I don’t believe that your supervisors will allow you to publish the update. I think that Smartthings is purposefully bricking these panels to remove them from service. What other explanation can there be if they are leaving the reset instructions on both ADT’s and Smartthing’s websites, knowing full well that any panel subjected to the reset will be rendered useless.

As you can probably tell, I am not very trustful of Smartthings. Can you tell me why Smartthings is willing to brick their own product rather than to fix it? I know it sounds like I am jumping on you here and I hope you are here to help. I would like to keep everything public so that others can take advantage of having their panels repaired also. I hope that you can understand this and I am very grateful for any help that you can give us. Maybe if you could explain on here what you can do with the serial number and how that will help us restore our panels. Don’t you believe that all of the panels should be restored to use if they can be? I would just like you to be more public about how you are able to help and what that entails. I don’t think anyone wants to get into a pissing match about how, where or when they obtained their panel or if they have a sales receipt. This thread is here to help all users of the ADT Smatthings Panel no matter how they obtained it, short of theft. Smartthings has bricked these panels and they should be responsible for fixing them.

Thanks again for any help you can give and I hope that you will not take offense to this post.

The private message was only to keep the serial number out of a public thread. Since there aren’t any hubs registered to your Samsung account there is not much to go on in terms of support. I don’t know the current state of your hub and support won’t be able to look it up until you provide some kind of information. Since this was a used hub it might not have been removed from the previous account properly or there may be some other cause, but I don’t know what it is. I was simply trying to help you out here.


I was pretty sure that you are trying to help, but can you address some of the questions I asked in my last post? Can you send me the activation code if I send you the serial number? Are you willing to push out a software update to restore the panels? I can tell you that the panel is out of warranty and it was never registered in my name. I have numerous e-mails that I don’t use my own name with. I do feel that I have to use my own name when filing a complaint. I guess I don’t understand how having the serial number is going to fix the problem. The problem is that reset instructions are bricking the panels and Smartthings is not willing to fix them.

As I told your boss, what if I received this system as a gift. What if I lost my pass code and had to perform a reset. What if I bought a house with the system installed and performed a reset. Should I just throw it out. None of these people will have a sales receipt. The problem is that Smartthings are bricking these panels.

Do you think that I would send my name, address and phone number to the BBB if I had knowingly stolen the panel? I guess I am not understanding what the big deal is about fixing the panels and making them usable. Can you explain that to me?

As I said before, thanks for any help you can give

I’m having the same problem with an ADT Smartthings hub I just purchased 2nd hand. (I already have one active in my account, I purchased this one to set up with another location.) I don’t mind sending the serial number to SmartThings staff, so feel free to send a PM!

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i have the same issues can i have help please

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You won’t receive any help from Smartthings. They are purposefully bricking these to get them out of circulation I think. The best you can do is sell it on ebay for parts.


the issue that I had is actually that the device resets the device having still connected the devices, after that I tried to recover by performing the complete reset by removing the module and from there it is possible to see if there is any way to unlink all the accounts devices such as resetting the button that all other samsung devices have

You are right, I contacted support and the usual excuse that the device is only certified to work in the US but I simulated a VPN to be with the US IP and that is not the problem the problem was the last update but as they don’t want to fight better they say you are from another side so it will not work for you I think that as you say it will be better to invest in another hub of another brand since it is the third time they go out with that excuse just to not support

I have same situation with my hub, with claim code
After hard reset and update the code for activate the hub never back. I can hard reset the hub inifinity same answer. Support told me the item do not work again… come On, if you have tha extension program and give to me i can flash the hub. Bet not the want to i bought a nother one, of course the hub not have a warranty after 2 year that i buy it

I also have the same problem and would like it fixed

I also have the same problem