Facing problems while capturing inter-PAN frames of Philips Hue ZLL devices?


I am working on Zigbee. I brought Philips Hue bulb and Philips Hue bridge. These two devices are using Zigbee ZLL spec. So i would like to capture the initial commissioning frames(inter-PAN) which are transmitted at 0db gain. I tried in different ways. I failed to capture those frames.

After many trails, i have some doubts,

While scanning from the Philips hue bridge using Hue App in mobile, after restore the factory settings, is it sends inter-PAN scan command or beacon request? because most of the time i observed beacon requests only. I didn’t seen any inter-PAN frames.

I tried even by changing the channels (11, 15, 20, 25). In every channel i observed only beacon request and some other encrypted frames. I was unable to capture the inter-PAN frames.

How these two devices are communicated? is it uses ZLL? If yes, how can i capture those inter-PAN frames?

And also i would like to capture the touch-link commissioning frames also.

When i press the restore factory setting for few seconds in the hue bridge, what actually happens? Is it resets completely? or only it erases mobile App data? What happens after reset?

Hi, just curious were you ever able to figure it out ? Right now I’m attempting to troubleshoot the same issue, right now I’m also not seeing the inter-PAN frames. But with some other devices, which use the touch-link, i can see the inter-PAN frames fine.


These seem like questions more suited to the Hue developers forum. Is there any reason you’re asking them here?


The SmartThings/Phillips hue integration isn’t going to give you access to this kind of data.

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