Facebook login community / LED strip problems

First, your facebook app that allows login to the community is broken, so I can’t log in with my facebook as usual.

Second, my LED strip (https://www.dresden-elektronik.de/funktechnik/solutions/wireless-light-control/fls-pp-lp-bundle/?L=1) that I’ve used without problem for a long time never recovered from whatever was broken yesterday. Everything else works. I removed the item from the app, factory reset the item and re-added it, still smartthings won’t control it (it hangs on turning on). Advice?

Third, I’m really disappointed with performance recently. I get the error every single time I try to do anything on the android app, yesterday my entire network went down with nothing working for most of the day, and now one of my favorite automated items in my home doesn’t appear to work at all with smartthings anymore. What gives?

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In debug I get this

4:48:02 PM:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method off() on null object @ line 96

Have you rebooted your hub since yesterday? That might help.

Or, even better, unplug the hub and remove the batteries. Let it sit 15 minutes. Then restore.

I did, several times, same with router.

It could be that your zigbee network is messed up. The 15 minutes bit is to repair that. When the zigbee controller (ST hub) goes AWOL during the 15 minutes, all of the devices do a reset to look for a new controller. Then they are primed to join a new controller, the hub, when it comes back online. That may or may not help, but is worth trying.

Do you have your FLS-PP IP connected to a Hue Bridge or directly to the ST hub?