Fabriq can you use it with smartthing?

Sorry if I missed this but can the Fabriq speaker be pair and used by smartthings?

I don’t have one, but a simple search would say it would:


This community discussion may help.

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yeah I checked but no one really says how they did it, thank you sir for the response

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I just set one up. Install the Fabriq according to the instructions it came with and get it on your wifi. Then Install the Generic Media Render, per the link below. Install the Connect and the Player. Read the README.md

Read this topic too

My Fabriq works great, with Big Talker, I haven’t found a music player yet. The one thing that is strange it says “No Present” in the ST App. I wonder if there is a way to fix this.

So I was able to get the code for connect as an an app, but the code for the player keeps getting a signature error any helpe would be greatly apprecaited!

Sorry I have no idea. Check with @ule.

Hi Jay, The player must to be installed in my device handler section, the connect in My Smart apps.

The status “No Present” happen when the connect does not receive answer from player, the causes are:
1.- The speaker is not powered on.
2.- The speaker is it in sleep mode and the network its disabled
3.- The speaker its in Bluetooth mode and the network mode is not working (some speakers disabled other modes)
4.- The speaker has changed the ip or port or uuid (frequently in software speakers)

The connect check the status every ~5 min and update the ip and port based in uuid, but if st crash the timer, the refresh ip is stopped, I suggest:

1.- Set a static ip for your speakers, to make more stable system
2.- Use a watchdog app to verify the timer.