Extracting video and audio thru the HDMI ARC connection?

Probably crazy thought here…

I “need” (as much as one can really need RGB lighting) to have some sort of Ambilight in my living room.

I was looking for aftermarket ambilight solutions and found a gazillion of them… some depending on a Raspberry Pi, others built as a complete plug n’ play solution… but! they all have one major “flaw”… they depend on the HDMI output…

I currently have (thanks to Samsung and their false advertising, but that’s a topic for another discussion) a KS8000 with an HDMI ARC port…

I also have a Sonos Beam soundbar connected to said ARC port thru which I listen to all audio from the TV… whether it be Netflix, Youtube, HBO, the Wii U plugged into another HDMI port or even Live TV…

I know there’s a solution that depends on a camera that scans the screen for colours and such… but I didn’t really want anything sticking out of the TV…

Another answer would be to change the TV to a Philips ambilight and be done… but tell that to the Mrs… I dare you! :smiley:

Soooo… the only plausible solution my mind thought of is the ARC port… the only one I have plugged in to the TV…

Is there any chance I could use an HDMI multiplier and send the video to the Raspberry pi and the audio to the Beam?

Thoughts? Ideas? Hacks?

The ARC port is an HDMI2.2 Audio Return Channel port. It’s two way for audio only and video is only input there.
It’s intended for easy connection to a sound bar or Audio Receiver. You won’t get video off of it. In fact looking at the manual for that TV I don’t see any way to get the video off of the device. Be happy to be wrong about that but…

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Just what I was fearing… Ugh… So I’ll have to go with the camera thingy… Thanks Nathan!

The Philips tv has brilliant ambilight solution and you can use it with a Hue bridge (v2 or newer). Philips advertised, that they are leaving the v1 out of the fun as it isn’t powerful enough for dynamic color changes for the new ambilight system.

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Philips has just released a new device that can take 4 HDMI inputs and works with a Hue bridge. Not sure if that would work for your needs or not.


Hey JD!

I was actually expecting a reply from you! LOL!

Yeah, I looked into that too… but my main issue here is that I only use the built-in apps that come in the TV… whether they be Netflix, Plex, Youtube… or live TV OTA…

Nice idea though!

lol! That would be it… but I’m afraid it’s not the best solution at the moment… :smiley:

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Yeah I’m seeing this as more and more of an issue with SmartTVs these days. The manufacturers seem to think as long as you’re watching content on their TV it’s not necessary to allow you to export the feed. :frowning:

Added to next TV checklist. HDMI (whatever current spec) OUTPUT…

It suddenly brings legal issues. Samsung advertised their TVs with an App, where you can watch the screen of the TV in a tablet of phone when on the same network.
The advertisement was valid maybe for a half year, then the feature has been removed. First from the HDMI source, then completely.

Imagine, you are watching paid content from a cable provider in 4K and meanwhile the stream on the HDMI output is recorded by another device. It is fully a legal issue of content piracy.

I currently do that with my KS8000! LOL!

Or making a personal BACKUP of something I payed for… :slight_smile:

No pirates here in this forum (I hope!)

Besides… I’m trying to have a better viewing experience by enhancing it with leds… not enlarging my movie collection… lol!

(Yeah, I’m in a good mood for a tuesday)

I meant it generally about the HDMI output. I understand your point. The Hue device in @JDRoberts 's post, that is awesome. But suddenly not for you.

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