External plug to activate z-wave plug?

I have a smart plug from Verisure (Home Security company), it is currently not possible to connect to SmartThings. Although there are device handlers and an app for other Verisure products. But primarily display armed state and temp notifications.
I’m trying to get the Verisure smart plug to switch on the z-wave smart plug (Neo Coolcam) when the Verisure alarm is activated (or manually when the Verisure plug is turned on). The z-wave plug will then turn on lights etc and send me a notification. The setup is now that the Verisure smart plug is connected to the wall power outlet and the z-wave plug connected to the Verisure plug. But when I turn on the Verisure plug it does not change the state of the z-wave plug. The led in the z-wave plug blinks but does not change the state on/off. Any ideas how to solve?
Maybe the z-wave plug could sense when there is power in the plug but that would need a smart app I presume.

Did you find a solution for this problem?

Nope, just thought about it the other day. Maybe I can do it the other way around. Put the Z-wave plug first in the power outlet and keep the Verisure in ON state all the time. Then set the Verisure Alarm to turn off the Verisure plug when Verisure alarm goes on. Then hopefully I could get the Z-wave plug to sence that the Verisure plug is turned off and that means that the alarm has gone off… :slight_smile: