Extending my smartthings hub range

I would attempt to factory reset the non-working Sengled Zigbee bulbs, and the re-pair them with the hub.

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@ogiewon - thanks for the suggestion. I had done a factory reset (several times in fact), which never worked The good news for me was that I was able to finally determine that the bulbs were the problem - they are defective. Amazon had sent me “refurbished” bulbs without making that fact known (nor do I believe anyone attempted to fix them). 1 bulb worked, the other 2 did not. I bought 2 new bulbs (same kind) and they worked! I did learn from this exercise though (we do indeed learn from failure!). I did indeed need the repeaters. And now I know not to accept any refurbished stuff from Amazon.

I want to thank everyone again for the wisdom and guidance you provided!



Hi, I know this topic was some time ago, but I’m having a problem with connectivity. Can I use a Smartthings power outlet to extend the coverage? It would be on all the time.

Most zigbee abd ZWave line powered devices act as repeaters and strengthen the radio mesh for thier respective networks (Zigbee for Zigbee, ZWave for ZWave)

So basically, get more stuff.

Okay, I have a weird shaped house. My Z-wave lock seems to go offline from time to time. I’ll try adding something. Thanks!

Plan on putting a repeating device every 25-50 ft (~8-16 m) Spec says 100’ (mind you that’s no obstructions in the clear), actual averages about 50’ and then I cut that in half for good measure. I rarely have trouble with my radio mesh unless it’s an actual problem. Also especially if that’s a lock make sure the repeating device(s) closest to the lock (therefore most likely to be a repeater partner) support ZWave Beaming capability. (Most modern devices that repeat do) so it can act as store and forward for the lock.


Thank you. Excellent info.