Extending built in categories?

Quite simply, I’d like to write a smartapp that extends the existing “lights and switches” category. Essentially, I want to allow a light to turn OFF when another light turns on (and vice versa.) Sure, I could do this under another category, but it just makes better sense being a part of the existing “lights and switches” grouping… As well, it keeps common functionality together.

It would be odd if I go into “lights and switches” to turn a light on at sunset, or turn it off when someone comes home, but have to go to a COMPLETELY different part of the user interface (my apps, convenience or whatever) to have to turn on when another switch turns off.

Can it be done?


I hear you on having everything in once place but anything you create yourself won’t make it to the “Lights and Switches” category currently. Everything in that category is just an internal SmartApp though so you can still grab that code and tweak it but it’ll appear as another SmartApp in the app and won’t get sent to that particular category.

That’s not to say they won’t make it possible in the future, but today, it isn’t possible.