Explored, and am abandoning, the idea of a smart TV

Smart homes can be an addiction :slight_smile:

Given how cool it would be to voice control the TV as I now do with the AVR, it seemed like an opportune moment to explore a larger set for the viewing room. 65" sets are becoming quite inexpensive, and something that size would create a much more immersive viewing experience.

But after researching it, I’m gonna hold off. First off, the “smart tv” concept is flawed IMO. Seems every set maker wants to plaster their apps on my screen. I t think of a better way to quickly outdate, or perhaps even obsolete, a set than this. Consider that Skype no longer supports a TV app. Got a camera in your TV? It’s now useless for what seems a no-brainer app. Given that example, who would want, say, a version of Android stuck on their screen for the next 6 years?

Nope… I have a nice 52" set from 2008. I’m gonna wait until the “smart TV” fad either wears out or the systems get much smarter, smart enough to know I don’t really want much more than a great screen to view whatever sources I choose to plug in to it. I’m stuck with the remote control for awhile lol

I have that 65" Android TV you are talking about… And you know what. You are absolutely right. I ended up having my amazon fire box and chromecast hooking up to the TV and never to let my wife see or know about the smart TV option again.


I second that motion… I just connect Roku as the smart interface and bypass all the “SmartTV”

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