Expectations for HVAC / occupancy monitor


I do not have my smart things hub, yet. It is coming. I want to make sure I can do what I want to do out of the box. I am looking to do the following logic for a guest house I use as an office and other things that will control the HVAC. The problem is that I use the house a bit unevenly, so creating a schedule can be difficult. I am looking to tie occupancy to HVAC turn up and turn down.

I am thinking this as logic:
IF motion detected AND HVAC is in vacation mode THEN start HVAC in home mode
IF NO MOTON is detected for 4 hours AND IF HVAC is home mode THEN place HVAC in away mode

I will need to integrate with Honeywell and then another Zigby motion sensor.

The bottom line is that our main home is heated/cooled by geothermal and the cost is extremely low. The guest home is heated cooled by a traditional heat pump. I am getting tired of constantly fidgeting with the thermostat everytime I come in and then throwing money down the toilet when I forget to turn it down when I leave. I can tweak the ‘no motion detected’ period for unit efficiency.