Expanded Logitech actions

I hoping there is a way to add additional steps to my Logitech Harmony actions. I’ve created a Routine “Going to Bed” and as part of this routine our bedroom Harmony is turned on. I would like to take this a step further and also set the sleep timer to “xx” minutes.

Any suggestions


all you can do in ST with Harmony is turn on or off an activity.

I don’t believe you can do this on the harmony side, but it’s going to be possible from SmartThings side with several different methods.

The basic idea is that when you start your good night routine you should include turning on a virtual switch in smartthings that turns itself off after XX minutes.

Then you have another rule/routine in smartthings or IFTTT that subscribes to that switch going off and when that switch goes off, it sends an off activity to harmony. (I think you can do it with the official SmartThings/harmony integration but to be honest I’m not sure. You can definitely do it with IFT TT. )

You could do The timer aspect with rule machine or even with a “turn off after X minutes” in smart lighting. But the basic procedure is always the same.

  1. Add “turn switch A on for xx minutes” to your good night routine.

  2. Have something subscribe to switch A going off then turn off the harmony activity.

So you are not using harmony’s sleep timer, but you are ending up with the same result.

You can ask for help in the peer assistance topic for rule machine to see how they would suggest doing it. That may be the simplest way. :sunglasses:

I’ve had a lot of fun with integrating stuff based on Harmony in my home. Currently I’m only interested in watching Harmony events, and reacting, but I’ve done it in both directions.

When I turn on my theater, if it’s between certain hours/days, my 3,000wRMS of subwoofer towers will turn on via smart outlet. If that rule is not true, the outlet turns/stays off. I also control my lighting… like auto-dimming, and changing virtual switches that I’m really using as states/variables.

Sure gets complicated quick with all these workarounds. At least the new scheduler is way more reliable. I don’t use update-rules rules anymore as they actually make things worse now.