Expandable Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

My other project using this module has graduated. I thought I consolidate it here since it is pass prototype stage. In the past few weeks, I added a few sensors to the router/repeater. Some of you may have seen my video here (please turn off your audio, I use hair dryer to demo the responsiveness of the sensor) and here about the sensors.

Most zigbee solution that I can buy uses battery. They are not able to push information very quickly without draining their battery. I want a solution where I can monitor what is going on in my room all the time without ever change battery once every few weeks. At the same time, I am building a dense Zigbee mesh in my house. See them below in actions. It is time to have my son write Smartapp to do something with all those sensors. I told him to track sun movement from the house perspective. That would be a fun project for him.

Like last time, I would be happy to share the modules for all of us to test. I have 6 unused boards that I do not use.

I can populate them and give it to anyone who are interested. However, I am hopping that if you interested please share the cost of the sensor and radio modules. For those who are interested, I hope that I can get $15 donation per module. I can start ship them in 2 weeks time. If you are interested, lets leave notes on private message for details.

The current price of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensor in the BOSCH BME280 is $7 at digikey. The Zigbee radio is about $6. The Light Sensor is $0.70. In addition, there are cost of PCB board, passive component and voltage regulator, shipping and handling, etc etc. I want to give you guys an idea about the cost. It is a lot more than $15 than what I ask. It get expensive if I have to buy the materials and give them out for free.

Please give me some time later to explain what is the advantage/disadvantage of each type radio module in the context of having all the sensor on the board. This information will come.

Any feedback will always be appreciated (a simple interested or not interested). Who knows, perhaps with enough interest I can find a manufacturer who can build them at quantity. Feedback like adding any additional sensor would be useful as well.

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