Expandable Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

For standard Light, Temperature, Humidity, pressure, it will follow zigbee configuration. It can be configured to report data per minute.

For serial port, the interval should be controlled on the arduino side.

Let me know when the time come. Wiring should be ok.

Have you work on Arduino before? I have a extra STM32 bluepill + DS18D20. I can upload the sketch and send you one if you like. I could have send them together with your order but it is a bit late now. I do have extra if you want it. This way you do not have to deal with programming Arduino.


I’ll buy the parts and repeater from you, for the stm32 solution. I hadn’t ordered the repeater for this project yet only the components. Just let me know how you want it transacted.

Doug Pitman
314 223-1274

Sorry, I did not answer this sooner. Don’t worry about the STM32 and DS18B20. I will give them to you for free. They do not cost that much. Just let me know when you are ready. I will ship them together with the repeater.

I was informed from a member here that Ebay will charge shipping on each sensor for international order. Meanwhile, I can easily combine shipping to one box easily up to 5 sensors.

If you are planing to purchase the sensor and ship it internationally through ebay, please send me PM on Ebay. I can refund your shipping cost for the sensors after the first one up to 5 sensors.

As last resort, If Ebay is not possible, please PM me here. I should be able to arrange something.


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is there the possibility of connecting multiple ds18b20s ?

I believe so. Infact, DS18b20 can be connected serially. In this case, each ds18b20 need to be pre configure with different address.

Or you should be able to connect them on different pin.


I am looking for a replacement for an Aoetec 6. I really only care about the humidity sensor. I use SmartThings and WebCoRE.

Hi David,

The sensor come with Humidity reading as part of BME280 Bosch sensor.


Ok, is the external antenna a requirement?

The latest version come with PCB antenna only. You don’t need to add the external antenna.

I was going to do a video of this use case but wasn’t sure how to make it effective… I worked with Iman using one of his environmental sensors , an Arduino board (STM32 bluepill) and a DS18D20 Temperature sensor. I use this set up to tell me the temperature of the lake we live on (webcore, smartThings Alexa), It is set up to announce through Alexa at 7:30 in the morning and also when I ask alexa what the lake temperature is. I added 15 feet of wire to the sensor so it would reach the lake and installed the probe under my deck using 1" conduit going down into the lake to protect it from the extreme wave action. The Environmental probe and sensor are in a waterproof box that is thin enough for the signal to travel the 100 feet to the next hop.
Next is to add a sensor that will read the water depth, since we get flooding several times a year.
I would like to find a clear outdoor box so the Lux sensor will be useful.

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Thank you for sharing. Let me know if I can help you with anything.


Does anyone have a 3D printed enclosure?


Thanks to ArsenA… He made a case for one variant of the sensor that may fit the current one.

You should be able to start with this one and probably modify it a bit if needed.


With the Classic app apparently going away in a few weeks, does that mean these sensors won’t work anymore with the “new” app?
I have motion sensors, water sensors, sound sensors, just showing “checking status…” @iharyadi

@Awas, the short answer is I do not know.

The long answer is that the new App will work with existing device. In the future (not at this migration stage), the custom driver may not work anymore. I am not 100% sure for Zigbee device. The child device driver for expansion may still work at this coming classic to new app migration. There may be some small changes on DTH meta data is needed.

The future ST migration stage probably is more challenging for us. The classic deprecation in theory should still support us.

Obviously, I am not an expert on the classic to new app details. I could probably wrong.

I will try to keep up with ST if the conversion do not require significant effort.



Is this device used as 1 zigbee repeater?

I apologize for the late reply. It is a Zigbee repeater. As a repeater it should be able to help extend the reach of your Zigbee mesh.


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I’m wondering if there is a way to use an external probe for testing soil temp/moisture/(maybe even luminosity). I 'd like to have a tester in each of my grow tents that have sensor leads to multiple plant pots that I could then use to control water delivery exhaust fan and light level. If I could run 4-8 sensor probes off each zigbee repeater, it could be a great system that could be sold for all kinds of commercial or large personal grow systems. I’m also think I could use it outside in my garden running off low voltage lighting system to control automatic watering system I use that is a smart control system. There are so many possibilities if you could have multiple soil sensor probes running off one of these little devices. I’m willing to help out in any way I can if you are interested in this use case.

@Daniel_Dawson, thanks for looing into my project. I hope that we can help each others. For your grow tent, I think there are a couples solution that we can do.

The module have UART expansion. You can add an Arduino. I have an example above on thread 414 connecting to DS18B20 as an example. We can replace the DS18B20 with any sensor you may need. There are many Arduino sensor out there. A bit of coding is needed to package those data and send it back to the hub.

Another option is to use Bluetooth. I have a daughter Bluetooth card that connect to serial port. It act as a BLE gateway. One of the device that I have supported is the following device. If you do not mind going to ebay, these sensor is known as Xiaomi Flora. It comes with Moisture, temperature, fertility and illumination.

The battery live is surprisingly excellent. It has been a couple years. I have not replace the battery yet. The range is not that great. Depending on the size of are of your pots and how open it is, you may need a few gateways. The gateway can listen to multiple of this “flora” devices easily.

Here is a video that I made. The video is made on Hubitat hub which has very similar framework to ST at this point. Please note as ST is moving on new path. I am not sure yet whether I am going to support my devices on ST. I have to see how much time and investment that I need to make for my device to work in ST in the future.

Let me know whether there are some of the solution is close to what you can work with.