Expandable Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

I just want to update my progress with this project. Having shared a few modules with community members here I started to get feedbacks. The most intriguing feedback is about being able to extend or expand the sensor.

In the past few weeks, I went back to drawing board and look for solution to accommodate the above. Here is what I come up with.

On the hardware side, the new board will expose analog, digital input and output pin. Access to 5 volt and 3.3 volt are also available.

On the firmware side, those pins are abstract out as Zigbee Basic Analog Input, Binary Input/ Output cluster. These clusters are accessible through Hubitat DH.

In layman terms, we will be able to access information from the sensors connected to the pin without needing to understand the lower level complexity of Zigbee protocol and Firmware development. Our DH will be getting one or zero from your digital sensor. Or, DH will be able to read your sensor Analog output in volt. Your DH can drive a thing using its digital output pin.

I have an example in the following video where I connect a moisture sensor, flame sensor and a relay. (DTH for Smartthings will be available as well. I am working on it)

I am very excited about this feature. I will have a few to share once I sort out and test them on my end. I will also share my experience connecting them with other sensors. I have motion sensor, Gas leak sensor, sound sensor in the queue.

Finally, this is still a Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light Sensor. It is still a Zigbee repeater to help with your Zigbee network. It is also help with your Xiaomi devices.