Expand IFTTT Action Functionaltiy

I’d really like to see more device types supported in IFTTT than just switches and locks. Setting thermostat temperature is a huge one for me.

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You beat me to this. I am consolidating some IFTTT posts here and want to pose the question of what people would like to see. There are lots of IFTTT posts.


Trigger on mode change. Mode change actions. Trigger on Hello Home phrases. Hello Home phrase actions. Perhaps an ability to create a virtual switch tile direct in the IFTTTT smartapp?

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Initiate Hello home actions…

Support grouped lights. I have three lights in my living room. I have grouped them in the ST app. In IFTTT I have to create three recipes because I can’t turn on or off multiple lights at the same time.

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poll the status of a sensor

IF blah blah is idle for yada minutes THEN

Just had a good call with IFTTT today and feel like we have a good path forward to greatly extend the integration. No timeframe (of course), but excited.


On July 14, 2014 @Ben wrote:

Seems like a long winding path. He-He :smile:

IFTTT would still be much more useful if it could trigger on mode changes and perform mode changes and Hello, Home phrases.

Agreed. Looking at bringing this back up to the guys at IFTTT to see where it is at.