Expand IFTTT Action Functionaltiy

(Brian) #1

I’d really like to see more device types supported in IFTTT than just switches and locks. Setting thermostat temperature is a huge one for me.

(Ben Edwards) #2

You beat me to this. I am consolidating some IFTTT posts here and want to pose the question of what people would like to see. There are lots of IFTTT posts.

(Alex Christensen) #3

Trigger on mode change. Mode change actions. Trigger on Hello Home phrases. Hello Home phrase actions. Perhaps an ability to create a virtual switch tile direct in the IFTTTT smartapp?

(Ben Goodman) #4

Initiate Hello home actions…

(John) #5

Support grouped lights. I have three lights in my living room. I have grouped them in the ST app. In IFTTT I have to create three recipes because I can’t turn on or off multiple lights at the same time.

(Brian) #6

poll the status of a sensor

IF blah blah is idle for yada minutes THEN

(Ben Edwards) #7

Just had a good call with IFTTT today and feel like we have a good path forward to greatly extend the integration. No timeframe (of course), but excited.

(Geko) #8

On July 14, 2014 @Ben wrote:

Seems like a long winding path. He-He :smile:

(Alex Christensen) #9

IFTTT would still be much more useful if it could trigger on mode changes and perform mode changes and Hello, Home phrases.

(Ben Edwards) #10

Agreed. Looking at bringing this back up to the guys at IFTTT to see where it is at.