Executing Scene on multiple locations

I’ve been searching a lot but I couldn’t find an exact answer to what I’m looking for.

I have a 2 floor villa and I had to install 2 hubs because 1 can’t reach the whole house.
Now I have all devices on the first floor connected to the 1st floor hub
and ground floor devices connected to ground floor hub.

I want to do a “Good Night” scene, how can I do it to include all devices without having to press good night twice on each hub?

2 Hubs at 1 location=pain in neck. I did see on here a person who somehow managed to populate all devices on both Hubs in the app.

A bigger mesh should be able to extend your range so all devices can be on 1 Hub.

I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but, the road you are traveling down now is one of limitations.


I’ve tried increasing the mesh size, it just wouldn’t register. Specially with the limitation that all devices can hop to a maximum of 4 times…

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I’ve read recently that the Samsung Connect Homes now work as Z-Wave and Zigbee repeaters… Might solve your problem.

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Repeaters are repeaters, and only for the one network they are on. It doesn’t change the total number of hops available. (4 for zwave, 15 into the hub for the zigbee protocol that SmartThings uses and 15 out again.)

It’s not uncommon with certain types of construction, particularly cement or adobe, that you may require one hub per floor.

So at that point you are in A similar situation to automating an outbuilding.


As discussed in that article, You can use IFTTT, WebCore, or a LAN connected device recognized by both hubs like a Philips Hue bridge to cause events on one hub to trigger events on another. But there may be some lag and setup takes some thinking through. For a good night use case that may be acceptable. Have a virtual “good night” switch on one hub trigger a virtual “good night” switch on the other, and then trigger all the good night events off of those.

WebCoRE can control Things from multiple-Hubs/Locations concurrently. I have not used this myself.

Use a WebCoRE Piston instead of (or triggered by) a SmartThings Routine.


I tried using WebCoRE and for the love of god I couldn’t figure out at all how to get devices from another location to work on the other location.
I managed to get both instances of smartthings into 1 WebCoRE interface, but I couldn’t figure out the rest…

I looked in couple of places but I couldn’t seem to find any information on how to actually get another devices from another hub/location to work with another…

There aren’t many ways; SmartThings is explicitly architected to not allow interaction between Things of different Locations. … WebCoRE and IFTTT and ActionTiles are a few ways; but each with limitations.

However, the architecture actually allows multiple Hubs to belong to the same Location! … yet there is no UI provided for adding multiple Hubs to a single Location.

But a “hack” method has been discovered and shared…

WebCore has its own forum, the experts hang out there. So check with them, I know there are some People doing it.


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I have similar situation of 2 hubs each in a location, both in a 2-floor house and I want to activate an action on location A , based on a sensor in location B.

my questions:

  • can webcore do that ? i couldn’t find yet anyway of doing it except with lan devices that act as relays of the command per say - not reliable and slow
  • If webcore does it, would I need to install webcore on both locations, or one would do ? I’m not sure if this adds to the complexity but 1 hub is in US shrad and the other in UK

Appreciate any help