Execute WebCoRE pistons from web, skipping button pushes?

I have quite a few pistons that act on button pushes from various remotes around my house. I’d really like to be able to also execute those pistons from (1) the ST native app and (2) from my laptop via a web interface. How do people generally handle that use case? Perhaps I’m missing some super obvious WebCoRE dashboard with “manually trigger these execution statements, skipping the button IF” …?

For now the “easiest” (it’s conplicated) way is to set a piston tile inside the piston, then use the dashboard settings to place that piston in a category that displays as Tiles (or any combo that includes tile). Then simply tapping the tile will make the piston run - you can have up to 16 tiles per piston and you can react to each individually if you want. Search for piston tiles. Also, in the Quick Facts section, find the external link - you open that, the piston run.

As for the IF, a piston does not require an IF, it can be a passive one that only runs on a tile tap for example.

Here is a test piston with tiles: