eWeLink (Official Integration July 2019) reviews needed

So is the plan to have sonoff devices officially integrated?

At this point, it is up to each device manufacturer whether they choose to develop a SmartThings integration or not. ST is now offering an open API, but each manufacturer is responsible for creating and maintaining the integration. So you should direct your request to Sonoff.

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I thought you said ewelink is a platform and not a device maker. If that’s the case what exactly is this ewelink integration if it’s up to manufacturers?

ewelink could implement a cloud-to-cloud integration with Smartthings through the Developer Workspace at a platform level. Or, the device manufacturers could include in the firmware a device-level integration (i.e. directly to SmartThings). I am really not sure what role ewelink plays, maybe they also develop the device firmware.

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A platform can create an integration as well, as they already do with Ifttt.

So now I should direct my request to ewelink?

Yes, or to both the Device manufacturer and eWeLink.

Noticed that Ewelink no longer supports IFTTT under the Free plan and requires you to go to the Advanced plan. They seem to be taking the same approach as MyQ for integration to IFTTT. Had my setup from ST to IFTTT and Ewelink for a few years and now it’s stopped.

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@JDRoberts, it seems to be another one bites the dust.

No question, the increase in fees that Ifttt is charging to companies means that fewer companies will offer it free to their customers.

Where possible, Amazon routines make a good intermediary for one way integrations. But they only have two way integrations for platforms like smartthings which can create virtual sensors.

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That is correct. That is how I have it setup. I owned recently a Sonoff TX series smart switch and realized there is not a supported integration with SmartThings, so luckily I had Alexa at home so I integrated Smartthings and eWeLink with it so I can use my Smartthings sensors with that switch and so far it works smoothly (minimal delay, but works as intended)

Currently, Smartthings only supports Zigbee devices from Sonoff. No WiFi ones

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Oh, so that makes sense why I never was able to see listed my new TX series Switches. Bad move from them. I will remove that integration as I am not even using it because of that. Hope they don’t start adding fees for other integrations like Alexa, google or even SmartThings.

As of recently (although I am not entirely sure since when exactly), there is an option in the Smartthings app to add eWelink wifi devices, not only the Zigbee ones that are there for at least a year now. Its four different device groups - “Motion Sensors”, “Open/Closed Sensors”, “Outlets”, and “Switches and Dimmers”. I have tried the “Switches and Dimmers” one, and it works up to a point (“60%”) when it shows a screen that explains how to add the new device. Basically, set it into pairing mode first (of course), and then “press Add in the app” - however, there is no “Add” on that screen, and when I leave the Smartthings app and go to the eWelink app ( if that’s what “in the app” means…) to add it, it is just “normally” added to eWelink and - of course - Smartthings does not know about it. This integration just makes not sense. It is confusing, and in the end it doesn’t work anyway.
Has ANYONE been able to use this new integration at all? And if so, how?

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Only Zigbee eWeLink devices work with SmartThings at this point. So you wouldn’t use the eWeLink app at all to set them up since they pair directly to the SmartThings hub.

I have some devices on my ewelink app (23 light swtiches), and in the past i have some virtual devices on my samsung smartthigns clasicc , so using ifttt i was able to integrate the ewelink app with smartthings clasicc app using the virtual devices, now with the new migration from smartthings classic to the new app (some days ago) all my virtual devices dont work, i have erase all and try again generating simulated switched on the smartthings editor page and nothing. I want to be able for example, if my smartthings motion sensor detect movement turn on my light switch that is on ewelink app. What should i do?

The IFTTT integration is broken for many people, you probably ran into that:

SHM, IFTTT and webCoRE not working (25 Aug 2020)

Thanks for the reply, do you know when will be fixed? or any idea or solution to this is very frustrating have a full automated house of more than 100 smart devices and now is a classic house :angry:

Unfortunately, they have not given any timelines yet. Just follow the other thread for news.

Do you have a link to the nWes thread you where talking about. I ordered some old sonoff stuff that don’t work with smarthings, but if the integration for these wifi devices ever pops up I would love to know.

It’s in my previous post in this thread, the one from August 25, 2020, but I believe that issue has been resolved.